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Corporate Theater

The corporate event encompassed glowing LED spheres, lighting, video, pyro and automated rigging. Photos by Suzanne Teresa

Weaving a Unique Experience at Nu Skin Live

Bryan Reesman • Corporate Theater, November 2017 • November 9, 2017

EVI and Lightswitch “Divide and Conquer” an Enormous Production Challenge

The premier anti-aging company Nu Skin has grown from its humble beginnings in Provo, UT in 1984. The company now distributes its products in 54 markets worldwide through a network of close to 1.2 million independent distributors. Every two years, the NYSE-listed company holds a four-day event with a dynamic mix of philanthropy, business sessions, recognition and entertainment.

All Photos by Joe Kenemore

A Complete Reset

Kevin M. Mitchell • Corporate Theater, August 2017 • August 11, 2017

Design Team Reboots Corporate Event Conventions with In-the-Round Cisco Live!

The purpose of this year’s Cisco Live! event, a multi-day educational event for IT and networking professionals staged within the Mandalay Bay Arena in Las Vegas in late June, was to introduce a radically new networking product. So it makes sense that, when the event’s organizers turned to Lightswitch and Go! Experience Design, they were hoping to provide attendees with an experience that also defied expectations.

The booth design featured a banner requiring a bright, even wash of white light. Photo courtesy Siemens.

Lighting the Booth for Siemens at RSNA in Chicago

Mike Mahoney • Corporate Theater • October 15, 2015

I have gravitated a long way from lighting pop stars live on stage, but the goal is still the same. Make the money look good. There is nothing more exciting than when the stage manager chirps over the walkie-talkie and says, “The show is yours, Mahoney.” I flip on my headset, make sure the spot operators are ready for their first cue, check backstage to make sure dimmer beach and pyro are both ready. After I get “okays” from all departments, I say, “Houselights GO!” The crowd gets loud, the lights go out and we all hit our first cues. “BAM!” We are off and running for the next 90 minutes.

Nimlok Displays' design for Aclara

Trade Show Tips

Tim Bradley • Corporate Theater • October 15, 2015

Are you a good exhibitionist? Let’s try a little word association game. What thought comes immediately to mind when you see the words “trade show”? “Yippee!” or “Jeez, not again?” “A controlled strategic tool” or “royal pain in the hindquarters?” “Party time!” or “Expensive headache?” Read More...

CEOs Wanna be Rock Stars, Too

John Featherstone • Corporate Theater • May 12, 2015

To quote Nickleback, “We all just wanna be big rock stars, live in hilltop houses, drivin’ 15 cars….” Or, more to the point, our clients do. Over the past 25 years, we’ve seen corporate shows change in dramatic and unexpected ways, the most profound being the energy level and aesthetic of the productions.


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