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Foo Fighters ‘Concrete and Gold’ Tour

Steve Jennings (Photos & Text) • Cover StoryJanuary 2018 • January 11, 2018
Longtime lighting designer and director Dan Hadley is back on the road with Foo Fighters on their current tour in support of the band’s ninth studio album, Concrete and Gold. We caught the band at the beginning of the third U.S. leg of the tour. Read More...
Katy Perry Witness - The Tour 2017 photo by Steve Jennings

Katy Perry – ‘Witness:’ The Tour

Steve Jennings (Photo and Text) • Articles Cover StoryDecember 2017 • December 14, 2017

The current Katy Perry tour brought in a top-notch team with the return of longtime lighting designer Baz Halpin, who this time around is also producer for the tour. Halpin worked with the creative/show directors and choreography team of Antony “Ant” Ginandjar and Ashley “Ash” Evans of The Squared Division, with the company offering creative production and concepts for stage and screen. Back on board are associate lighting designer, lighting and video programmer Eric Marchwinski, lighting director, lighting and video programmer Drew Gnagey and production manager Jay Schmit, who’s been with Perry for the past seven and a half years.

Chad Peters and Butch Allen used a colorful palette. All photos by Steve Jennings

Paramore 2017 ‘After Laughter’ Tour

Steve Jennings (Photo and Text) • Cover Story • November 9, 2017

Paramore released their fifth album, After Laughter, in May and launched their 2017 tour the same month, with a performance at the KROQ Weenie Roast and Fiesta followed by a jaunt through Europe and the U.K. in June and July. North American dates followed, running from late July through late October.


Red Hot Chili Peppers ‘Getaway’ Tour 2017

Steve Jennings (Photo and Text) • Cover Story • April 14, 2017

The Red Hot Chili Peppers currently have the largest kinetic lighting rig for a tour, with a matrix of 1,040 LED cylinders rising and falling to create a seemingly endless array of unique show looks. PLSN caught up with longtime RHCP production designer and lighting director Scott Holthaus, media server programmer Leif Dixon and, handling video direction backstage, George Elizondo for their insights on this trek.

The twin tours once again traveled East and West for 2016 with over-the-top staging, lighting, video and effects. All photos courtesy Bryan Hartley and Jason McEachern

Trans-Siberian Orchestra

Nook Schoenfeld • Cover Story • January 16, 2017

Bryan Hartley Raises the Bar for TSO’s 2016 ‘Ghosts of Christmas Eve’ Tour

The first tour the Trans Siberian Orchestra (TSO) did was only five shows long. They had just one band and used local production. But the word quickly spread. The next year, they brought in designer Bryan Hartley and a lighting package. They also started doing two shows a day on that second tour, some 17 years ago. Ever since, this gigantic live concert, which is a mixture of classical, rock and holiday music, has grown to selling out arenas every holiday season with what can best be described as a visual spectacle.

Shinedown photo by Steve Jennings

Five Finger Death Punch and Shinedown

Steve Jennings (Photo and Text) • Cover Story • December 13, 2016

Bruce Reiter, Brandon Webster, Sooner Routhier and Carter Fulghum Discuss the 2016 Co-Headlining Tour

Five Finger Death Punch (5FDP) and Shinedown are on a co-headlining tour which also features Sixx: A.M. and As Lions, playing arenas across the nation. We spoke with some of the production crew — 5FDP production manager Bruce Reiter along with their lighting designer/director and tour manager Brandon Webster. Then, for Shinedown, we talked with production designer and lighting programmer Sooner Routhier of SRae Productions and lighting director Carter Fulghum.

Parnelli Awards photo by Richard Crews

16th Annual Parnelli Awards

PLSN Staff • Cover Story • November 11, 2016

The 16th Annual Parnelli Awards was on track to be its typical high-energy, funny, and emotional show … and then Tom Petty surprised the audience by taking the podium. He flew in himself and 11 members of the Heartbreaker family to give accolades to his long time tour manager, Richard Fernandez, who received the live events highest honor, the Parnelli Lifetime Achievement Award.

The stadium was bathed in light for the cameras. Photos by Todd Kaplan

Garth Brooks Hits it Out of the Park at Yankee Stadium

Michael S. Eddy • Cover Story • October 17, 2016

After 19 years, the renowned country music artist Garth Brook knew that his return to New York City needed to be on a stage worth the wait. Having played in Central Park to nearly a million people in 1997, Brooks this summer took the field, literally, at Yankee Stadium in mid-July, becoming the first country music act to play the iconic Bronx ballpark. Joined by his wife and fellow country music star Trisha Yearwood, the massive stage design suited the epic scope of the venue, the event, and the artist himself.

Perfectly timed Comets explode during the opening song. All photos by Steve Jennings

The Visual Splendor of Coldplay’s ‘A Head Full of Dreams’ Tour

Nook Schoenfeld • Cover Story • September 19, 2016

Coldplay hit America this summer with its first tour since 2012, titled A Head Full of Dreams in support of their seventh album by the same name. The London based quartet celebrated its 20th year by launching a three-year long tour earlier this year in South America. The North American tour started in NYC on July 16 and will continue throughout the summer by playing arenas with a scaled down production during the week and filling stadiums on the weekend with the larger production.

Jason Aldean tour photo by Todd and Chris Owyoung

Jason Aldean’s “Six String Circus” Tour Automates Engagement

Kevin M. Mitchell • Cover Story • July 18, 2016

Jason Aldean’s “Six String Circus” Tour Automates Engagement

“Jason [Aldean’s] fans are really engaged, so the challenge was pushing the limits of being modern and big in a way that matches the high-energy of those fans,” says creative director Raj Kapoor. The key? Automation. Kapoor has been working with Aldean for three years, and on this show specifically for almost a year. “We were talking about it last summer, and from the first conversation with Jason’s team and Mike [Swinford], it was decided to do something really different,” he says. “Yet we wanted to continue the edgy, rock-meets-country designs we’ve been doing for him that push the limits.”

DWP Live and Barco produced the spectacle during CinemaCon 2016

Behind the Magic at Caesars Palace: Projection Mapping Precision

Mike Wharton • Cover Story • June 12, 2016

Projection mapping specialists DWP Live marked their fifth consecutive year partnering with Barco at the CinemaCon industry party at Caesars Palace known as The Barco Belgian Beer Bar party, which references the projector manufacturer’s HQ location.

The opening depicts the artist trapped in a box. Photo by Steve Jennings.

Justin Bieber’s ‘Purpose’ World Tour

Debi Moen with Photos by Steve Jennings • Cover Story • May 17, 2016

Cory FitzGerald Lights a 20-Truck Tour Featuring Skateboard Ramps, Trampolines and a Waterfall

Canadian singer Justin Bieber has a new Purpose. It’s the title of his new album and his world tour. It’s also the mantra he adopted to refocus on his music, apologize for his headline-making mistakes and to reinvent his image to make new waves in the world. With all that said, Justin Bieber desired “a new approach” to his third world tour.


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