Jeff Rials, LD/Lighting Director, Limp Bizkit 2013 Tour

in On the Road

Jeff Rials. Photo by Paris VisoneTOUR DATES: April and May in the U.S., June in Europe. Returns to U.S. in fall with new design, much bigger tour.

THE DESIGN: “This is kind of a guerilla run. There’s no production other than a small light sign we had back in 1997 and some white plastic chains hanging everywhere on stage. We are playing small clubs the band hasn’t played in 15 years."

Limp Bizkit. Photo by Paris Visone“Fred [Durst] and I are working on the fall U.S. tour now, and it’s going to be bigger and fun! Kind of like the old Limp Bizkit show of the late 1990s and early 2000s, with pyro, lots of lights and gags.

“Fred comes out into the crowd almost every night. For the new tour, I want to bring the show out into the crowd more so than ever, but I don’t want it to be like some pop act gag that has him flying out on a car or something like that, I want the crowd to feel like they are on stage with the band. I just haven’t figured out how to design this yet. The fall tour coming up is definitely one to see.”

LIGHTING PHILOSOPHY: “First of all, light the artist, then light the music. Give the fans something to remember.”

Home base: Jacksonville, FL

Years in the Biz: 13

Years with the Band: 6

Past Tours: “I worked on TSO with Bryan Hartley last year as his FOH tech. That was fun! Also worked with Godsmack again last year.”

What inspired you to get into lighting? “Having the chance to perform with some of my favorite bands.”

First job in the industry: Nightclubs

Longtime Heroes/Mentors: Bryan Hartley, Jim Chapman, Roy Bennett, Michael Keller.

Whose show designs do you pay attention to now? “I really like what Muse [LD Oli Metcalfe] has been doing.  It’s intriguing.”

Your best advice? “Be yourself. Take inspiration from other ones, don’t copy it.”