Marty Postma, LD for Alice in Chains/Uproar Festival

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LD Marty PostmaTOUR: Alice in Chains, headlining act for the Uproar Festival tour

UPROAR FEST DATES:  Aug. 9 to Sept. 15, 2013

THE DESIGN: “Nearly all moving lights and LED screens are designed to bend like a shell around the band. The screens’ hanging angles and shape of the lighting trusses help accomplish this. We’ve got 68 moving lights, six small LEDs and five conventional blinders. For LED screens we have six larger panels over the stage and four smaller panels across the front truss.”

LIGHTING APPROACH:  “It is critical to keep the lighting and the video balanced to create a unified visual presence. This is why I went with the much higher output and more optically efficient moving lights from High End Systems. Having fixtures cut through the LED screens with gobos and more saturated colors at the same time is critical. This allows me to go ‘full throttle’ on the lighting rig and LED screens for big looks, but easily balanced for smaller looks.”

Uproar tour photo courtesy of Marty PostmaBIO:

Home Base: Queens, NY

Years in the Biz: 20

Years with the Band: Seven

Uproar tour photo courtesy of Marty PostmaWhat inspired you to get into lighting? “The music itself.”

First Industry Gig: “Board op for a small theater company.”

First gig as an LD: ”Lighting a play for a community theater.”

Heroes: “The outstanding crews. It is impossible to have a great show without a great crew; I’m grateful for all the many wonderful people I’ve been fortunate enough to work with over the years.”

What jazzes you about what you do?
“I enjoy watching the end product come to life. Once the concepts, drawings, prep, pre-viz and programming are done, there is something satisfying about breathing life into it and giving it all to the audience night after night.”

Best advice: “Keep learning, exploring. Don’t keep re-hashing what you already know. Keep pushing yourself into the areas you don’t know.”