LD Chad Hartsfield

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LD Chad HartsfieldBand: Cherub

Tour: Blow’d Tour 2014

Dates: March 1- May 2, U.S.

Design Concept: “The artist wanted a simple yet effective design that could be scaled down for smaller venues without losing the overall look. I use four truss towers with LED panels mounted on them as the core of the design. The LED panels act as eye-catching effects and crowd blinders to light the audience when the artist interacts with them. The truss towers have two small LED movers on either side of the top and one spot fixture mounted directly on the center top of them. We add in four strobes and a ground package of spot fixtures whenever we have the ability to.”

Cherub lighting design and photo by LD Chad HartsfieldBACK STORY

Home Base: Louisville, KY

Years in the Industry: Six, professionally. “I started doing lighting for parties and production companies, bands and festivals when I was 17, still in school in Orlando. I toured with Heavy Pets, Cope and few other bands. The first festival that sealed my career choice was Aura Music & Arts Festival in Brooksville, FL — there was no turning back. My love of the industry and for lighting and turning people on during shows overwhelmed me. There was absolutely nothing else I was going to do with my life.”

Industry Spark: “Music. Ultimately, I love the ability to change people’s emotions and moods through lighting.”

First Industry Gig: “House parties; Paul Oakenfold at Firestone Orlando; and festivals such as Aura, Orange Blossom Jamboree, Big and Hearty and Bear Creek, to name a few.”

First LD Gig: “Running lights for Goodie Mob in Orlando.”

Heroes/Mentors: “Marc Brickman’s design for Pink Floyd’s Pulse tour inspired me big-time. Currently, I follow designers Saxton Waller and Andrew Cass.”

Career Rewards: “I wake up every day looking forward to my job. I can always improve or create something new for every show.”

Words of Wisdom: “Find something you enjoy doing and commit to doing it the best it can be done — and never give up!”