NanoLumens NanoFlex Screen

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NanoLumens NanoFlex screenNanoFlex, NanoLumens’ new flexible LED display, breaks all of the rules of LED technology: it’s lightweight, thin, and can be flexed into concave or convex configurations, making it well-suited for digital signage and scenic applications where standard LED products just wouldn’t work.

Hardware Specs

Each NanoFlex panel measures 8 feet, 7 inches tall by 5 feet, 3 inches wide with a diagonal size of 112 inches. Each panel also weighs less than 90 pounds. And with a side profile of less than 2 inches, they can be mounted to virtually any surface without heavy hanging hardware. The panels have 6mm pixel pitch and brightness levels near 1000 nits (candelas per square meter) allowing the screen graphics to be easily visible in sunlight and other settings with high levels of ambient light.


Supplying media to the panel requires the NanoLumens controller unit. This display controller can be utilized as a stand-alone controller, and it accepts digital media in these formats: QuickTime (MOV), WMP, MPEG4, MPEG3, DIVX and RealPlayer. The display controller can also interface with any DVI, VGA, S-Video and/or X-Composite input, making it practical for use with most media servers


Because NanoFlex is super-flexible and lighter in weight than standard, rigid and heavy LED display panels, it opens the door to a wider range of video applications. Its relatively high resolution pixel pitch also makes it well-suited for use in retail applications, for advertising in public locations, or as a scenic element in a tradeshow booth or theater.

The Product Range

I really like the forward thinking incorporated into the entire range of NanoLumens’ products. Along with the company’s original NanoFlex 112 panel, there’s also the NanoFlex Column Wrap and NanoFlex Ribbon.

The company also offers indoor and “rugged-ized” NanoSlim displays, with a slimmer profile; NanoShapes, where the NanoSlim product is offered in circular, triangular and square shapes; and 24-inch-by-24-inch square NanoPanels.

From the high resolution pixel pitch to the variety of lightweight and innovative products, NanoLumens has set themselves apart in the LED display product market.

NanoLumens NanoFlex LED Display Screen

What It Is: NanoFlex is a high resolution, lightweight, bright and flexible LED display screen.

Who It’s For: For now, NanoFlex and all other NanoLumens products are primarily targeted at fixed installation advertising applications.

Pros: Because NanoFlex is flexible and lightweight, it is easy to set up. It is also a ‘green’ product made with reclaimed materials and can be completely recycled.

Cons: The biggest drawback for all NanoLumens products is cost. Because NanoLumen’s products are typically sold directly into permanent/semi-permanent installations, currently there is not a rental inventory available in the U.S.

MSRP: NanoFlex 112: $88,442