Diamond Dolls Club Gyrates with New LED Visuals

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Diamond Dolls, Pompany Beach, FLDiamond Dolls, a gentlemen’s club based in Pompano Beach, FL, had Sound & Lighting Solutions of Fort Lauderdale strip the conventional lighting fixtures from the club’s entertainment lighting rig and replace them with close to 40 LED fixtures from Chauvet.

“Diamond Dolls has been around for more than 20 years, and this latest round of revamping the lightshow puts it at the forefront of its competition,” says Jay Krause, owner of Sound & Lighting Solutions.

The new Chauvet fixtures include six DJ Intimidator Spot LED 350 moving yokes which shoot colorful beams and project patterns from the main stage; two more shine in the VIP stage area. Six DJ Intimidator Scan LED 200s also animate the main stage.

“We took into consideration that the club has low ceilings,” Krause says. “We wanted to accent the dancers and the stage and also have the option of scanning the patrons to add energy when needed. By using yoke fixtures in the center of the room, we were able to achieve this quite nicely.”

Krause also opted for eight COLORdash Accent RGB and eight COLORdash Accent UV lights to warm the truss at the periphery of the stage. “Adding truss to the ends of the stage turned out to be a nice touch,” he notes.

For dynamic effects on stage, Krause added two lasers from Chauvet: a DJ Eclipse RGB for rippling auras of red, green and blue, which also lights the audience; and for certain acts, a DJ Scorpion GBC 2.0, with blue and green laser diodes that mix to create cyan. Effects can be programmed to strobe, rotate, roll, morph and zoom into multiple built-in patterns.

Another Chauvet laser, a DJ Cirrus, is installed in the champagne area on the side of the bar. The projections from the laser shine onto small tiles for a shimmering aqua effect.

Also in the champagne area, Krause placed a Chauvet DJ LED PAR 56-24 UVB, PAR can-style blacklight fixture, which features 24 1-watt UV LEDs.

To distribute DMX to all fixtures, Krause used two Chauvet DJ Data Stream 4 universal optical splitters, and to control non-DMX fixtures with DMX control he opted for two Chauvet DJ DMX-4 LED four-channel dimmer/relay packs.

“I was pleased to be a part of the new lighting system and will certainly use it as a showcase to bring clients into the new age of LED lighting,” Krause says, citing advantages that include reliability along with energy efficiency and visual quality.

His favorite fixture in the new LED rig? The Intimidator Spot LED 350. “They are running 14 hours a day, seven days a week. Talk about a durable fixture that has moving parts. Then add the features like three-facet prism, electronic dimmer, manual zoom, with a 75-watt LED source. For a price under $1,000, that’s a lot of value for the client.”


Chauvet LEDs and Lasers:

8                COLORdash Accent fixtures

8                COLORdash Accent UV fixtures

8                Intimidator Spot LED 350 fixtures

6                Intimidator Scan LED 200 fixtures

1                LED PAR 56-24 UVB fixture

2                Data Stream 4 optical splitters

2                DMX-4 LED 4ch dimmer/relay packs

2                Eclipse RGB lasers

1                Cirrus laser

1          Scorpion GBC 2.0 laser