Swisson RDM Controller and DMX Tester

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Swisson RDM Controller and DMX TesterSwisson recently introduced the latest version of their hand-held, battery-operated DMX tester, the XMT-350. It might not give you the power to control everything in the universe, but it will give you the ability to control and test most everything in your rig — including an entire universe of DMX data. And it runs off a 9V battery.

Despite its compact dimensions, light weight and portability, the XMT-350 packs in enough control and testing prowess to serve as a handy way to test the cables you rely upon for your show looks — and to store and run complete looks for your rig.

Expanded RDM Functionality

The newly-updated version of the tester offers expanded RDM (Remote Device Management) capabilities, letting users monitor and control RDM-enabled devices. This means that users can set DMX addresses remotely. The XMT-350 can also automatically detect and lists all reachable RDM devices.

The DMX patch mode from the XMT-350 also simplifies addressing RDM fixtures. After specifying the desired order of the fixtures, the XMT-350 patches the devices automatically.

Need status info, such as the burning time of a given lamp? The XMT-350 can provide this; there’s no need to physically go to the fixture. Other RDM features currently in development will let users of the XMT-350 updating its firmware via a USB connection to the PC software from Swisson.

DMX Diagnostics

The XMT-350 can also monitor DMX signals and display that information in three ways: Normal (a single channel at a time), Table (a 50-channel view, with percentages) or Graphically (the entire universe with bars indicating levels).

For those looking for finer display preferences, the tester can display the channel levels in either percentage, decimal or hex values.

By simply changing the mode, the XMT-350 can change to generating DMX-512 signals. It supports the control of complex devices like DMX-512 moving lights, LEDs and simple multi-parameter devices.

The XMT-350 can also be used to test RGB LED lighting across a multitude of channels. In addition, the units can be used for timing analysis, sequence editing, channel “tracing,” dip-switch display and min/max displays — all of which can help users troubleshoot DMX-512 installations.

The backlight LCD screen displays information clearly along with the simple menu system. With 12 buttons on the face of the device, it’s easy for users to display text information and navigate through the XMT-350’s roster of functions.

The bottom of the XMT-350 includes both a 5-pin XLR male and female surface mount connector. Swisson also includes a 3-to-5-pin adaptor (both male and female) for devices and systems that use 3-pin XLR.


Swisson RDM Controller and DMX Tester

Retail Price: $695

Size: 2.75” x 1.75” x 4.75”

Features and Functions:

• RDM controller

• Set DMX address remotely

• Set “Personality” mode remotely

• Readout RDM device Information

• Automatic DMX patch support over RDM

• DMX receiver

• DMX transmitter

• RGB LED control

• Moving light control

• Cable tester

• Channel “tracer”

• Dip-switch display

• Programmable sequence (Chaser)

• Timing analysis

• Configurable frame rate

• PC software for fixture management