Phil Wickham

by PLSN Staff
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Phil Wickham, lit by Zebra Productions
Phil Wickham, lit by Zebra Productions

Lighting Co
Zebra Productions

(East Coast/ West Coast Tours)


  • Production Manager: Gene Kim
  • Lighting Designer/Director: John Tabor
  • Video Company: Legacy Productions
  • Promoter Producer: Brandon Breitenbach


  • 1  High End Systems HedgeHog 4 console
  • 12  Claypaky Sharpys
  • 6  Ayrton MagicPanels
  • 10  Elation CuePix blinders
  • 60  Absen 7mm LED video panels

Tour Notes:

Zebra Productions supported the tour featuring Phil Wickham, a Christian contemporary artist who hails from San Diego, as he made his way to various venues on the East and West Coasts in November and December, 2016. Wickham spends a good portion of his time appearing at church related events and festivals, catering to large crowds. He released his album, Children of God, a year ago, but had to hold off singing after an operation to remove a polyp on his vocal chord last April. His latest tour wrapped up before Christmas, and his calendar for 2017 is already booked full of dates.