Wilco Tour

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Wilco Tour
Wilco Tour

Lighting Cos
TMS, Neg Earth

(U.S./U.K./Europe Tour)


  • Lighting Designer/Director: Jeremy Roth
  • Lighting Tech: Charlie Strangeways
  • Set Designers: Jeremy Roth, Jeff Tweedy
  • Set Construction: Valerie Light, Infinite Scenic


  • 1          grandMA2 full size console
  • 18       Martin MAC Quantum Washes
  • 24       Elation SixBar Battens
  • 8          Clay Paky Mythos
  • 2          Vari-Lite VL4000 Spot w/ custom gobo and animation wheels
  • 8          Wildfire VS-120 LED UV Floods
  • 11       Altman 1K Q-Lites
  • 4          Molefay blinders
  • 2          Hazebase hazers

Tour Notes:

Wilco recently wrapped up their winter theater tour and are looking forward to more shows this summer in larger venues while backing their tenth studio album, Schmilco. Band member Jeff Tweedy and lighting designer Jeremy Roth devised an interesting, intimate stage concept, with the band appearing to play outside under trees and using UV treatments of the scenery.

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