Ann Wilson of Heart Tour

by Steve Jennings (Photo and Text)
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Ann Wilson of Heart 2017 tour photo by Steve Jennings
Ann Wilson of Heart 2017 tour photo by Steve Jennings

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Various (2017 Tour)


  • Lighting Designer, Director & Programmer: Gabi Scheff
  • Video Director: Gabi Scheff
  • Video Content: Sourced from VideoBlocks, Beachfront B-Roll
  • LED/Video Tech: Raymond Hernandez
  • Tour Manager: Mark Chamberlain
  • Production Manager: Joel Bennett
  • Stage Manager: Roland Lindz McKay
  • Trucking: Ozark Mountain Trucking


  • 2          grandMA2 Lite consoles
  • 1          House Rig lighting package
  • 60       Winvision 18.75mm video tiles
  • 2          Catalyst Pro v4/Mac Pro
  • 2          Winvision LC 2002 processors
  • 2          Barco ImagePro HD units


Designer Insights by Steve Jennings

Ann Wilson has long been the front woman of the band Heart. This year finds her embarking on a solo tour of theaters and casino showrooms across the U.S. We caught an early date at the UC Theater in Berkeley, CA. and what was to be just 20 shows, has expanded to a second leg of dates to the delight of many Heart/Wilson fans. Lighting designer/director Gabi Scheff is at the helm, running the PRG video wall they are carrying and utilizing whatever house lights exist in each venue.

Gabi Scheff
Lighting Designer & Director

“Bringing in video as a main visual element on Ann Wilson’s tour was a welcome addition. It was Ann’s idea, and the first thing we discussed in terms of show design. For her it was very important to give visual weight to the stage as a whole. Because we do not run haze, adding a video element gave us that connection be-tween the sky and the ground where beams would usually provide depth and texture.

“Being solely dependent on house or locally provided lighting rigs, the video wall lent us some welcome consistency from venue to venue. Our wonderful account rep at PRG LA, Russell Wingfield, made sure we were able to adapt this Winvision system day-to-day; some venues with low trims or rigging limitations meant carrying a ground support package and sizing down on occasion.

“Our LED tech Raymond Hernandez has been instrumental in getting the wall up and run-ning flawlessly every day, which keeps me available to knock out focus and dig into programming notes. Carrying the video component also necessitated carrying a desk (which we typically would not do).

“Rolling with the grandMA 2 series makes transitioning between fixture types and show files a breeze. It’s always comforting to know you have the bones of your show in there no matter what kind of rig you’re walking into.

“Getting last year’s Rock Hall Three For All and Queens of Sheba tours in the bag were my introduction to the big bad world of combining lighting and video into one department.

“Ann had a strong vision for this production; we developed a very organic, open creative process as the band gelled and worked out new arrangements. I sourced much of the con-tent myself as we were cognizant of budget, and it was a fun challenge to find video that would satisfy in that category whilst elevating these reimagined classics and new originals.

“It’s exciting to expand from the realm of lighting into a fully immersive visual design, figuring out when to give weight to each element, and where to let them shine.

“Our crew is a machine. Many of us have been working together for several years now and it makes our daily workflow seamless, everyone gets their gig done well, efficiently, and professionally, and it makes for a darned pleasant environment.

“Because our camp is so tightly knit, the energy often transfers from our morning straight into sound check and the show. If we can provide a positive, energetic atmosphere for the band to walk into, it means the band and Ann can get out there and put on their best show - and that energy jumps straight out to the audience.

“The set list is packed with songs that Ann feels a strong personal connection to, and she brings her fans right into it. It’s an incredibly unique show, intimate and soulful, while kicking into high gear for some big rockers that really tear the roof off.”

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