2017 Bush Tour

by Photo & Text by Steve Jennings
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The band performed June 1 at the Warfield Theater in San Francisco. Photo by Steve Jennings
The band performed June 1 at the Warfield Theater in San Francisco. Photo by Steve Jennings

Lighting Co
Gemini LSV

Various (Tour)


  • Lighting Designers: Damian Rogers, Jonathan Camarillo
  • Lighting Director/Programmer: Jonathan Camarillo
  • Lighting Tech: Cody Ryan Thomas
  • Video Director/Media Server Programmer: Jonathan Camarillo
  • Video Content: Jesse Davey
  • Production Manager: Mark Woodcock
  • Tour Manager: Yvette Uhlmann
  • Video Co: Gemini LSV
  • Video Techs: Cody Ryan Thomas, Nick Stewart
  • Gemini LSV Rep: Jason Cain
  • Trucking: Averitt/On Tour Logistics


  • 2               grandMA2 Light consoles
  • 24            Elation Platinum Beam 5R Extremes
  • 15            Elation CuePix Blinder WW2
  • 15            Philips Showline SL Nitro 510C
  • 4               Claypaky Sharpy Wash 330
  • 2               Hazebase Base Hazer Pro
  • 54            Elation EPT6IP LED Tiles
  • 2               Elation Novastar Novapro HD controllers
  • 2               Catalyst HD Media Servers

Tour Notes:

Jonathan Camarillo collaborated with Damian Rogers on this series of concerts, held in a variety of venues from larger theaters to festivals in stadiums. The band has dates booked through mid October.

Designer Insights: (Text by Steve Jennings)

We spoke with lighting designer Jonathan Camarillo for some words about the Bush tour, which we caught at San Francisco’s Warfield Theater. Camarillo spoke about the show and his collaboration with fellow designer Damian Rogers.

Jonathan Camarillo, Lighting Designer:

“Damian [Rogers] is a good friend, and I consider it a privilege to work with him. He brings so much insight and experience to the table in both areas of creativity and technical knowledge. He also brings a refreshingly modern look to rock and roll and is definitely ahead of his time. I started working with Damian back in 2015 with Rob Zombie. Since then, he has become my most influential mentor in my career. In the age of running cues on code he is still one of the best live operators around. He executes his shows flawlessly, with exact precision every night.

"I was approached to direct the tour by Jason Cain of Gemini LSV (lighting & video provider), last year. It began as a short stint, but then evolved into an international tour. Because of my schedule, I only had about a week to program. Gemini LSV was so helpful, they even set up a programming suite with a GrandMA2 and that’s where I was able to get most of the show blocked in. I’ve programmed anywhere from 25 to 30 songs so far for the show. The band makes slight changes to their set pretty consistently. This keeps us all on our toes and makes every experience feel quite unique.

"The style of programming is rock n’ roll with a heavy influence of Pop/EDM. I wanted lighting to represent the band's dynamic which is big and clean.

"Video is a huge part of the show. Our video wall becomes more of a scenic element that we use to tell a story about every song. We go from taking a journey through lyrics to turning the whole wall into a dance floor. It’s a lot of fun and the band gives a lot of creative freedom in this which is great.

"Our concerts range from small venues to larger theaters and even up to festivals in stadiums.  I needed units that were powerful but also lightweight and small. The Nitro 510c, CuePix, and Sharpy Wash are all of those things and they’ve worked out great. We also have 24 Platinum Beam 5R Extremes in the rig and they look absolutely amazing. We put the gear through a lot on the road so I knew I needed units that were going to be dependable.

"We’re using custom Elation LED carts which help get the wall up and down quickly. This comes in handy when working around backline on small stages. Jesse Davey supplies most of the video content for the show along with a mix of stock content supplied by Gemini. I’m all about running shows on timecode but because the band doesn’t always stick to the same arrangements I have chosen to run it live. I would rather keep it simple than over complicate something that works.

"A huge thanks to all the support from Jason Cain and everyone over at Gemini LSV in Dallas, Texas. I’m looking forward to the future with them!”

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