Drexel University Spring Jam

by PLSN Staff
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Drexel University Spring Jam
Drexel University Spring Jam

Lighting Co
Spellcaster Productions

Drexel University Lot F (Outdoors)
Philadelphia, PA


  • Production Manager: Bradan Liberty
  • Lighting Designer/Director: Michael Ayers
  • Lighting Techs: James Carter, Alex Bock
  • Set Design: Spellcaster Productions
  • Staging Company: Mountain Productions
  • Staging Products: Stageline SL320
  • Video Director: Jay Mage
  • Video Company: Spellcaster Productions


  • 1               High End Systems Hedgehog 4
  • 12            Elation Platinum Beams
  • 16            Martin Mac 101
  • 6               Elation Protron 3k Strobes
  • 8               Elation Lumina Matrix
  • 6               Martin Mac 2k Performance
  • 9               CM 1-Ton Hoists
  • 60            EPV15 Flex

Event Notes

Drexel University brought in Mountain Productions and a Stageline portable stage to set up their annual Spring Jam Concert, held on May 13. The campus activity board booked the in-demand rapper for a free show for all undergraduate students. Spellcaster Productions out of Hammonton, NJ provided the lighting and video elements for the show.

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