Sabrina Carpenter De-Tour

by Steve Jennings (Photo and Text)
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Sabrina Carpenter performed July 15 at the Masonic Auditorium in San Francisco. Photo by Steve Jennings
Sabrina Carpenter performed July 15 at the Masonic Auditorium in San Francisco. Photo by Steve Jennings

Lighting Co
RKDE Lighting

Various (Tour)


  • Lighting Designers: Ray Woodbury (RKDE), Jared Paul (Faculty)
  • Lighting Director/Programmer: Alyssa Milione
  • Lighting Tech: Max Meisemer
  • Creative Director: Melanie Lewis
  • Video Co: Anton Video Concept/Fabian Herrera
  • Video Content: Aaron Weits
  • Video Techs: Martin Ruiz, Joaquin Vodanovich
  • Tour Manager: Teresa Welc
  • Production Manager: Jason Brandt
  • Stage Manager: Stephen Poole
  • RKDE Rep: Ray Woodbury
  • Staging Co: Gallagher Staging
  • Trucking Co: Source 7


  • 1               grandMA2 Light console
  • 10            Martin MAC Axioms
  • 8               Chauvet MK2 Wash
  • 6               Chauvet R2 Beams
  • 4               Chauvet Ovation 910FC
  • 12            Philips Showline Nitro 510C
  • 16            Hightec Sunstrips
  • 1               DF-50 hazer
  • 2               Martin Jem DMX fans
  • 80            Anton XVI LED panels (6mm)

Tour Notes:

The De-Tour kicked off in early July in Vancouver, BC, Canada. It is set to run through Aug 28 in Toronto.

Designer Insights by Steve Jennings:

Alyssa Milione
Lighting Designer

We spoke with LD Alyssa Milione who is out on the Sabrina Carpenter De-Tour when the show hit Northern California at The Masonic auditorium in San Francisco.

“Sometimes you’re lucky enough to find people that you just click with, and this is how it felt to work with Faculty Productions whom I was fortunate enough to meet via LD Rob Koenig. When Faculty approached me to LD Sabrina Carpenter’s De-Tour, I was thrilled to learn that I would be working with RKDE Lighting! Ray Woodbury at RKDE and his team are first-rate, and I knew that the quality of both the work and the gear would be high level.

"We had three days of pre-production and previz, and one day of tech rehearsal. Because of the short time frame, I programmed some basic cues and changes for each song, followed by a series of effects and cues that can be used and inserted into the show as needed. The song list is consistent night to night, with minor changes in pauses and a few fun audience surprises each performance. The goal was to set up a flexible show that could adapt to various venues and grow as the tour went on.

"I’m working entirely in free form. For me, that makes for a more exciting performance and a more adaptable show. Yes, there is time code on the video track, but it’s controlled by the musicians from the stage and supported by the AVC team. Luckily, I do have a set of in ears for the show with the click track that allow me to coordinate timing, especially on the beginning of songs and special moments.

"The “fam” on this tour is awesome. From vendors to management, many of us have worked together before on shows, such as Move Beyond Live, and it has been exciting to continue to grow with the De-Tour.”

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