Fiona Apple

in Showtime

Fiona Apple tour photo by Steve JenningsLighting Co
Upstaging Inc.

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Lighting Designer/Director: Michael Duncan

Lighting Crew Chief/Stage Manager: Steve Wojda

Lighting Tech: Briana Shucart

Production & Tour Manager: Ray Amico


1 Martin M2GO console

8 Vari*Lite VL3000 Profile fixtures

3 Vari*Lite VL3500 fixtures

24 Martin MAC 700 Wash fixtures

8 Martin MAC Aura LED fixtures

5 Color Kinetics ColorBlast TRX fixtures

2 Martin Atomic 3000 strobes

2 DF-50 Diffusion hazers

Designers Insights:

Michael Duncan, Lighting Designer & Director:

“In designing Fiona’s tour, having known her for quite awhile, I knew what she was hoping for.  My directive from management was that lighting should be contemporary in its overall look. Budget, as in most tours, was certainly an important factor. Having said that, management was very fair in the lighting budget I was allowed, and the lighting company, Upstaging was very helpful.

“The lighting system was designed to provide dramatic, original, asymmetrical looks, as well as more subtle, quiet looks for the ballads. The [Vari*Lite] VL3000 and 3500 Profile units were chosen for their brightness while the [Martin] MAC Aura units were chosen for their beautiful color range as well as their zoom capabilities. I chose the MAC 700 fixtures because they’ve been a long time favorite for this size tour.

“We’re playing different size venues. Happily the system is very flexible and has worked in virtually all of them. This is due in large part to my clever crew, Steve Wojda (lighting crew chief & stage manager) and lighting tech Briana Shucart.

“I’ve transferred the show from the grandMA to the new Martin M2GO console, which has been a good experience.  Upstaging has been as always, incredibly helpful and generous in their tour support.”

—Reported by Steve Jennings