Cyber Apocalypse

in Showtime

Cyber ApocalypseLighting Supplier

California Institute of the Arts
Valencia, CA


Production Manager: Nate Files

Lighting Designer: Daphne Mir, Nick Diaz, Dan Norman

Set Design: Grant Dunn

Set Construction: Evan Friedman, Sam Rosenblum

Rigger: Evan Friedman

Staging Products: Steel Deck Inc

Video Director: Grant Dunn


1 MA Lighting grandMA Series 2 Full console

1 ETC Gio console

1 Doug Fleenor Design Preset 10 DMX

12 Clay Paky Alpha Beam 700s

10 Vari*Lite VLM Moving Mirror

6 Vari*Lite VLM Moving Mirror Ball

34 Coemar Parlite LED fixtures

3 Martin MAC 2000 Performance Profile

2 Coemar SuperCyc 2.4K

4 Martin Atomic strobes

2 Look Solutions Viper NT foggers

2 Ultratec Radiance hazers

5 Wildfire LT400 UV Spots

3 Wildfire Effect Master UV Floods

26 ETC Selador LED Wash fixtures

6 ETC LED Source Four ellipsoidals

6 Chauvet COLORado Tri-tour LED Pars

3 Technifex “Faux Flame” 8’ portable effects

1 Hippotizer HD media server

1 Barco FLM-HD20 projector