LD Andrew Drury with Trace Adkins

by Debi Moen
in On the Road
Andrew Drury
Andrew Drury

TOUR: April-October, U.S.

DESIGN: “We have 12 beams, six moving wash, six moving wash with effects, four profiles, and a ton of wash lights for our set."

"It’s a unique factory look that isn’t perfectly symmetrical, which most LDs wouldn’t like, but I think that’s why our stage is so unique. It’s bold. The design was to have a large light show, but also have a unique set to set the stage for a good size band. We use lekos for band specials all through the show, popping them in and out during their sections then restore focus back on Trace Adkins with followspots.”

THE APPROACH: “First off, your main goal is to make sure the band or artist is seen and seen in the right definition. All your movers and cool lights are meant to paint the necessary picture or scene, depending on the song, after that.”


HOME BASE: Grand Rapids, MI.


CAREER SPARK: “I was a festival-and-concert-goer/music lover growing up, and I was always fascinated with live shows and the uniqueness of them. Years later, I discovered it was the stage lighting that was subconsciously one of the biggest draws.”

FIRST INDUSTRY GIG: “Lighting up my buddies’ bands - Everyday Junior and Desmond Jones. That’s what pushed me into lighting full time.”

HEROES/MENTORS: “Jefferson Waful, Saxton Waller, Andy Cass, Luke Stratton, Es Devlin.”

FAVE SHOWS: “Umphrey’s McGee, STS9, Pretty Lights, String Cheese Incident. Anywhere I can get my lighting fix.”

BEST ADVICE: “Work work work! No matter if it’s free gigs, big or small. I did free shows for over a year all over the Midwest just to learn and create opportunities. And always continue to learn; this is an evolving industry.”

DEFINE A GREAT LIGHTING DESIGN: “Someone who can accent the band so well that it seems seamless and almost impossible to actually pull off. All about the accent!”

WHAT DO YOU LIKE ABOUT WHAT YOU DO? “I get to perform on a stage without actually being on stage. Every day is different and has its own challenges and battles but there’s nothing like showtime and feeding off an energetic crowd. You get to create in those ‘one of a kind moments.’”

Trace Adkins photo coutesy of Andrew Drury



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