A Closer Look at All Aspects of Video

by Nook Schoenfeld
in Editor's Note
Nook Schoenfeld, Editor, PLSN
Nook Schoenfeld, Editor, PLSN

I think that a picture was worth a thousand words. But I think a picture is often worth 100 lights as well. As video has become a staple in concerts, we see lights being used to augment the big look of a big screen and gosh — be used to just light the money. The need for more original designs using video tiles is common. Designers need fresh ideas. With all the productions we cover this month, it’s clearly evident that different minds do not always think alike.

‡‡         Going Large

Willie Williams is an old pro who revolutionized the way we looked at live video by his use of it with U2. This year is no different, as the production designer flanked the band with a monstrous rear wall and lights augmenting it. The show (see Wide Focus) looks great. He has some new PRG screen that curves around the upstage center, making for a sexy shape, and the band members are always illuminated wherever they roam.

Chris Lisle uses video in a totally different manner on Jason Aldean, choosing automation to move custom made video/scenic elements into different formations (See Production Profile). He adds some hybrid cabinets into the mix with rows of tiles that accent all the lights at times, instead of the other way around. Hexagonal shaped projection screens and projected roll drops add to the video.

Upcoming designer Michael Apostolos has an extremely concave LED wall upstage of Chance the Rapper in his new arena tour (See Designer Insights). Never seen anything like this design. He’s framed it with light boxes that are perfect for this artist and accent all the light cues.

‡‡         Lighting the Arenas

We also take a look at the art of sports projection through the eyes of Quince Imaging (See article). These folks have been doing a lot of projection mapping on basketball floors and hockey arena ice. They’ve made this practice the norm as all new arenas are racing to mount projectors in their ceilings. Moo TV and VER have also gotten their share of work this year with their projectors mapping sporting events and gala openings (See article).

When it comes to new LED display products out there, it’s never-ending. We have 22 different companies alone demonstrating the latest gear they are manufacturing for your needs. In this day and age one must determine what resolution is necessary for your rental inventory. The Buyers Guide tries to show you just how many options a designer has for their show as well as a vendor may need for their corporate work.

Jean Michel Jarre is back on the road, but for the first time ever, he is touring America (See article). For decades, he has filled stadiums with visual spectacles. We show the amazing use of moving screens that the designer does with 30mm ROE product and some automation. The lasers and effects that the artist does with them and the screens is breathtaking.

Game show lighting has been big since Who Wants to Be a Millionaire premiered. Programmer Steve Garner has mastered the art of television lighting for these type of shows and stops by to give us 1000 words on his craft.

To tie it all together we get some words of wisdom from our friend Doug Murray over at Upstage Video (Video Voice). With the constant updating of inventory in his line of work he stops to put the pen to paper on what goes through his head lately as he deals with various manufacturers.

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