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Blizzard Introduces New Minister Of Propaganda

by PLSN Staff • in
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• Created: June 19, 2018

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WAUKESHA, WIS.– In early May, Blizzard added Jeremy Zuleger as its new Minister of Propaganda, overseeing marketing & communications for the organization. Despite the lack of a resume, verifiable credentials, or any confirmable data in general, CEO and Chairman of the Bored Will Komassa is enthusiastic about the addition.

More details from Blizzard (www.blizzardpro.com/):

Will states, “We weren’t even thinking about adding anyone to our marketing team. I was on Facebook reading about the downfall of Cambridge Analytica and I saw a story about this amazingly influential marketer. For the next week, in headline after headline Jeremy’s name kept popping up. It was in every news story on my feed. I get all my news from Facebook, so I knew this had to be legit. No way it could be fake news. I said to myself, ‘We’ve got to have this guy.’ The next day he just showed up here. I never even called him. He already seemed to know everything about everyone here so I offered him a job the same day.”

Mr. Zuleger claims to have worked primarily as a political influencer and elections consultant. While he has no experience in LED lighting for production and entertainment, he says his diverse background will be an asset:

“Ask any of my friends or comrades, I’ve done it all. Sure, I had a lot of success in politics but that doesn’t mean I don’t know other industries. I’ve meddled in all sorts of things. No obstacle or indictment will keep me from achieving success with Blizzard.”

Any inquiries regarding media, marketing, communications or propaganda may be directed to:

Jeremy Zuleger

Minister of Propaganda



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