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Avolites Ai Infinity RX8 servers feed spectacular Calibash Las Vegas visuals

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• Created: March 13, 2018

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USA – Some of the biggest names in Latin music landed in Las Vegas in January for a night to remember at the Calibash mega-concert. Held at the 20,000-capacity T-Mobile Arena, the spectacular staging featured an array of LED screens with content fed from by Avolites Ai Infinity RX8 Media Servers.

More details from Avo (www.avolites.com):

YC3 Lighting Design supplied the Ai servers to VJ Director Richard Vicens, who oversaw the visuals for Latin/Urban music stars including Ricky Martin, Jennifer Lopez, Ozuna, Maluma and Bad Bunny.

In true Vegas style, the staging was impressively supersized, featuring 18 screens in total.

“All of the artists wanted to give their audiences an awesome show,” says Vicens. “As VJ Director, it was vital for me to be able to design and create pixel maps and LED processing that worked for everybody and be ready to backup all of them with Ai media Servers.

“The show’s size meant it was certainly a challenge – I have to go through every detail to make sure the audience is going to have an incredible visual experience.”

Racked in Vicens’ video power arsenal were two Ai Infinity RX8 servers, which each boast a 7-inch color touch screen displaying the Ai 3D vizualiser. He used the RX8’s two Gigabit Network ports to connect to Art-Net, to ensure reliable and robust networked control of the whole show.

“The main challenge as VJ Director was to generate the logistics for this type of show as once the show starts, it doesn’t stop!” says Vicens. “As soon as we’re live, it’s back-to-back performances on a turntable stage, which allows us to have one performance running and the next performance standing by. That means that we need to be able to transfer the shows between the Ai servers.”

To achieve this, Vicens used Ai v10.1’s Output Configuration page, where all video outputs and Art-Net output were set up. This workspace includes simple yet powerful tools for LED screen configuration, a navigable mapping editor for projection mapping and Art-Net pixel mapping system.

“After I created a content pixel map based on the Ai Show file, I configured an output map, based on how many outputs the individual acts’ video operators provided, to do the show,” Vicens explains. “In the AI showfile, each LED screen had its own mixer and layer. I generated multiple output regions as output pre-sets, each programmed as a DMX channel. This let me have control of everything independently, at each moment, and I was able to make changes live on the screen that I wanted to work with.”

Vicens worked alongside Production Manager Willie Cortes on the show, as well as lighting director and programmers Jorge Valdez and Jorge Caraballo. Victor “Otis” Negron and Felix Bas served as stage managers.

“We had a great team for Calibash Las Vegas!” says Vicens. “I’d like to thank PVG, who provided all of the LED screens and LED processing, YC3 Lighting who provided all the Ai kit, and Ruben Laine from Avolites’ US Distributor Group One for awesome tech support.”



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