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ETC Releases Unison Paradigm 4.0

by PLSN Staff • in
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• Created: March 8, 2018

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MIDDLETON, WI – ETC’s Unison Paradigm® system oversees the largest, most complex, and most demanding lighting installations in the world. And it just got better. With the release of its latest software, Paradigm 4.0, the flagship system incorporates: energy monitoring options, including Demand Response; improved support for tunable white and color changing fixtures; extended support for Paradigm Inspire stations, including faders; and many software optimizations to make programming and customizing the system simpler than ever.

More details from ETC (www.etcconnect.com):

Energy monitoring, conservation and response are mission critical in today’s lighting systems and Paradigm’s latest release means building managers can reap the rewards. Demand Response is now a fully-integrated component to Paradigm. Individual channels, groups of channels or whole spaces can be set to shed load when the system receives a demand response command from the utility company. Standard actions are defined in Paradigm and can be executed from contact closures, UDP, RS232, or BACnet.

Power junkies have more tools in Paradigm 4.0, with energy reporting options to help keep track of every watt. Load Schedule import and export functions make it easy to enter load information, and Paradigm’s software automatically calculates energy usage for all load types from any manufacturer. Even easier, many ETC products communicate with the Paradigm control system natively using Net3 Energy Reporting to get accurate, real-time energy usage. The system is smart enough to accommodate multiple costs for peak, partial-peak, and off-peak consumption, too. All this information is available in interactive graphs showing energy consumption for up to 10 years, while users can also export daily usage information in a calendar format.

The public face of Paradigm receives an update as well, with improved support for Paradigm Inspire stations as well as tunable-white and color-changing fixtures. The sleek and stylish stations were introduced in 2017 and now offer increased control options with button support for push, double-tap, and hold functionality. Plus, the new four-button with fader control station offers a simple and intuitive way for users to choose color, intensity, hue, saturation, color temperature, and tint—all from one knob. It packs an incredible amount of control into a station while avoiding the expense of a touchscreen. All that control can be used to its utmost, with full support of tunable-white and color-mixing fixtures, including RGBA and RGBW fixtures.

Paradigm 4.0 made life easier behind the scenes as well with UI updates and design software improvements. Paradigm’s own design software, LightDesigner and ControlDesigner, both received an upgrade. New features in LightDesigner make it easier than ever to put a system together, while new image handling functions in ControlDesigner mean customizing every touchscreen is a breeze.

Paradigm provides the control options required for the most demanding installations. With version 4.0, Paradigm expands its scope to offer more power, color and control choices while making every aspect of the system friendlier for everyone.

For more info about ETC’s Unison Paradigm, visit  www.etcconnect.com/paradigm.


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