Old Dominion Upgrades Production on Their World Tour

PLSN Staff • News • February 15, 2018

REGINA, Saskatchewan, Canada – As Old Dominion kicked off their 2018 Happy Endings world tour in Canada, they looked forward to engaging with their fans during their sold-out performances and showcasing brand-new production elements in their show provided with the help of Nashville-based production company, Morris Light & Sound; award-winning LD Travis Shirley and prominent manufacturers including Robe and GLP. There are an expected 60+ shows planned before the 2018 trek ends in August.

More details from Morris (www.experiencemorris.com):

In coming up with the new set for 2018, Old Dominion (OD) reached out to Shirley for a lighting design that would not only compliment their musical abilities, but also set them apart from other touring artists in their genre. “This past year has been a milestone year for OD. The band and their management team wanted to showcase that growth with a new tour production.” Shirley said. “I knew I had to create a design that showed them off in a big way while simultaneously complementing their professional styles and personality.”

The band expressed that they wanted Shirley to think outside the box. They were looking for lighting elements that offered distinct, unexpected and eye-catching moments in the show. “It had to be organic and synergistic with their identifiable songs and lyrics.” Shirley said. “Everyone knew that we had to make an impact this year. The band and management were there through the whole process and made time for input and guidance. It was a team effort all the way.”

With already 60+ tour dates through August on the books, it was important that Old Dominion’s set be manageable and portable throughout their travels. All the players worked together to make this design fit a two- truck tour. “One of the goals was to make the set bigger in appearance while being fiscally and logistically aware. I feel we accomplished that goal.” Shirley said.

Once Shirley’s design was approved, Morris Light & Sound’s President, David Haskell, worked with manufacturers to bring the show to life, ensuring implementation would be possible within the band’s space, function and budget parameters. The layout emanates an artistically industrial scenic design with the deployment of the GLP FORCE 120 Fans, Robe Spiiders and Robe Spikies.

Many elements help pull off a new design on a world tour- the most important being key relationships and teamwork. “There is a fine line between art and execution. Thankfully we are in very good hands with the Morris Team, on and off the road.” Shirley said. “The gear is top notch every time and I credit that to an overall sense of pride within the company. They are very capable and do some of the biggest shows out there, yet still they have a hometown hero type of vibe. They see all of their projects through to the finish and ensure the level of greatness you’ve come to expect out of a Morris job.”

Morris has long-standing relationships with many manufacturers for tours big and small. In this case, the association between all involved parties assisted in bringing Old Dominion’s production to the next level. “Having the luxury of working first hand with Travis, the band and management is what ultimately allowed us to move quickly while keeping the vision of the project intact.” stated David Haskell. “Even with new products, the manufacturers were able to pull through on a tight turnaround. The design and execution of this project was on a very fast track. I can’t say enough about how quickly Mark Ravenhill (GLP) and Thommy Hall (Robe) jumped in to arrange demos.” Haskell said. “They got their products to our shop quickly which allowed us to make our timeline without delay.”

Logistical elements of pulling a new production together first and foremost begin with the band and their crew. Old Dominion’s Tour Manager, Tommy Garris, has created a touring entourage that exudes a mutual level of respect between all team members. “It’s unlike anything I’ve ever seen before.” Shirley said. “Production Manager, Matt Anderson does an excellent job of putting all the pieces together day to day, while Lighting Director, Kevin Lichty does an excellent job of running and calling the show every night. Last but not least, and a super important compadre to me is Trevor Ahlstrand, who does an excellent job programming.”

OD shows no sign of slowing down as they earned their fourth Country Airplay No. 1 with ‘Written In The Sand’ on the Top 100 Billboard Country Airplay charts in the US. They also secured their third consecutive week at No. 1 on the Canada Country National Airplay charts. “It has been amazing to see Old Dominion’s rise in the industry. They are very talented both with their music production and in the way that they approach their brand and presentation. They are just getting started and we look forward to supporting them in their growth!” stated David Haskell.

About Travis Shirley Live Design

Travis Shirley Live Design has quickly gained recognition worldwide for its fresh, new perspective on all aspects of lighting, set and video design. Headed by award-winning lighting designer Travis Shirley, the Houston-based company provides concept design for events of all sizes– from concerts and tours, to television programs, high profile gatherings and fashion shows. By spearheading a show’s overall conceptual view, Travis Shirley Live Design guarantees smooth and easy integration of all the elements which make productions come to life. Travis builds a team for each event tailoring creative and technical talent to the project at hand. To ensure cost-effective execution, which is front-of-mind for every producer today, he offers clients pre-visualizations of the event and walks them through renderings of the final production before any nail is hammered or any light is hung. Travis is known for his innovative work on world tours and shoots for Enrique Iglesias, Jennifer Lopez, Keith Urban, Jason Derulo, Smashing Pumpkins, Pentatonix and many more. For further information visit www.TravisShirley.com

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