Laserworld becomes distribution partner for LaserAnimation Sollinger PHAENON accurate Laser Systems

PLSN Staff • Product News • February 5, 2019


SWITZERLAND – Laserworld announces start of the distribution of LaserAnimation Sollinger PHAENON accurate laser systems. The PHAENON accurate systems target top professional users and laser applications that require absolute precision in beam quality as well as in scanning performance. The accurate devices have a carbon fiber housing and a shoebox sized footprint of only 33.1×15.4×10.5cm. This makes the units extremely compact and lightweight: two devices fit into the cabin luggage on a plane.

More details from LaserWorld (www.laserworld.com):

Nevertheless the PHAENON accurate laser systems are very powerful, with 7W RGB, and have an enormous scan angle of 80°. As these units have been especially designed for high profile applications, they are equipped with very precise and robust laser modules that have been engineered and manufactured in a unique process at LaserAnimation in Berlin, Germany.

Due to the advanced thermal management the cooling fans run at a very low level most of the time, so the accurates are suitable for the use in quiet locations.

All PHAENON accurate systems have an integrated intelligent mainboard that can be configured via the LA-Toolbox software. Features like geometric corrections, safety zone management, color calibration and scanner adjustments can be done through LAN, so no physical access to the lasers is required after they have been mounted.

Laserworld announces a close partnership with LaserAnimation Sollinger for the distribution of the PHAENON accurate laser systems. “The cooperation with LaserAnimation Sollinger not only focuses on the high end PHAENON accurate lasers, but also includes driver electronics for scanners. We’re looking forward to a good and close cooperation.” states Norbert Stangl, CMO of the Laserworld Group.

PHAENON accurate products: https://www.laserworld.com/shop/laseranimation-lasers


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