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• Created: October 8, 2018

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LAS VEGAS – LDI is taking place from the 15th to the 21st of October in Las Vegas. The real-time visual creation tool Notch will be showcased at several booths, including Green Hippo (#353), disguise (#316) and Avolites (#2304). Demonstrations will incorporate everything from live motion tracking, generative and responsive visuals, projection mapping and more — all rendered in real-time.

More details from Notch (

What can you expect to find at each booth?

At the Green Hippo booth, you will find an immersive and interactive experience room, with a preview of the latest live tracking and interactive content techniques from Notch, running on a Hippotizer Montane+, the dedicated Media Server for real-time generative content.

At the disguise booth, Notch will be used for a full wall installation of generative and real-time rendered content, showcasing how the latest Notch innovations (physics, HDR lighting and more) can be harnessed in disguise’s powerful gx product range.

At the Avolites booth, you’ll find a variety of Notch-powered blocks showcasing Avolites’ Ai ease of integration with Notch and other entertainment technologies to create customizable, real-time, generative and interactive content that expands beyond video.

Meet the founders

If you are attending, we’d love to set up a meeting with you and the founders of Notch or a private demo in our off-site suite. This will allow you to witness first-hand the real-time rendering capabilities and benefits of using Notch in live production and motion graphics.

If you are not able to attend, we’d still love to share our takeaways from LDI and what the future of Notch means for creatives across a variety of industries.

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