Philips Strand Lighting gives winning movie performance with #LANDoftheBRAVEfilm

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• Created: September 14, 2018

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WINDHOEK, NAMIBIA – Signify (Euronext: LIGHT), the world leader in lighting, today announced that its Philips Strand Lighting studio and location fixtures have delivered practical and performance benefits to the production of an independent Namibian movie, the working title of which is #LANDoftheBRAVEfilm.

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A range of Philips Strand Lighting’s latest LED instruments were supplied to Collective Productions for the filming of the compelling crime thriller by DWR Distribution, Signify’s Entertainment Lighting sales partner in South Africa. The equipment included Studio Panel MkII, 150S and 300S Softlights, and LEDhead Daylight fixtures.

During principal photography in July and August, gaffer Hein van Zijl and assistant Tangi Kamukwatange used the fixtures in a range of locations, including close interiors and challenging exterior settings, from riverbeds to roadsides. Throughout the shoot they appreciated the equipment’s portability, well-engineered accessories, selectable color temperature presets and high quality light output.

Van Zijl praised the Studio Panel MkII for its compact portability and high quality 5600 K color temperature light output, while of the LEDhead, he said, “The LEDhead unit is useful for interior, or for close-up exterior photography. Its onboard dimmers are user-friendly and its three color temperature options cover our most commonly-used balances. It’s compact, with really good packaging for travel, and the accessories are great – compact, sturdy stands, and excellent diffuser filters and barndoors which slide in in seconds.”

The softlight fixtures he also praised, saying “The 150S and the 300S both give a really good 5600 K light, and are easily portable for their output. The 150S is useful as a soft fill for indoor scenes or closer outdoor set-ups, while the bigger 300S is an excellent fill or key light for even the biggest set-ups, indoors or out, day or night. The menu is really accessible with great features, and the barndoor system is of excellent quality, helping us to reliably shape and guide the light where we need it.”


#LANDoftheBRAVEfilm, written and directed by Tim Huebschle and produced by David Benade, is due for release in 2019.

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