Software Update: Hippotizer V4.5

PLSN Staff • Projection Connection News • August 2, 2019


UK – Hippotizer Version 4.5 is the next major release for Hippotizer V4+ systems. Version 4.5 adds new features, functionalities, fixes and enhancements to Hippotizer and SHAPE in response to user feedback.

More details from Green Hippo (www.green-hippo.com):

Features added in V4.5:

3D Output Management in SHAPE

A surface in SHAPE can be sent to an output.

Added camera targets to SHAPE for fast perspective mapping.

Added Compositions to SHAPE to correct LED walls.

Added Mix Modes for Texture Mappers to SHAPE to composite mappers.

Increased the number of Inputs of SHAPE Viewport from 8 to 24.

New SHAPE Viewport including VideoMapper and Colour correction for output correction.

Added BeatBridge (Audio Reactive control)

Beat detection of Audio input.

Tap-sync or generate tempo.

Full Preset integration for instant recall.

Improved NDI integration

Added NDI Source Management to handle large number of NDI streams.

Improved NDI Send Performance.

Improved NDI Colour Accuracy.

Added Notch only Mix for more flexible playback.

Usability Improvements in response to feedback:

Added Freeform fixtures in PixelMapper (LED Tape support).

Added Copy/Paste in PixelMapper.

Added Audio Output device selection per Mix.

Simplified Automation Integration in MultiController and improved data smoothing system.

Added ability to change ZooKeeper page from DMX.

Added MediaManager API to Macro Manager for automated content ingest.

Added third and fourth effect engine to the Mix Master.

General ZooKeeper responsiveness has been improved.

For a full list of changes please see the release notes.


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