X-Laser Aurora Series

by Nook Schoenfeld
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X-Laser Aurora Saber
X-Laser Aurora Saber

X-Laser’s Aurora Series expands with the Aurora Crimson, Aurora Emerald, Aurora Cobalt and Aurora Saber (pictured here), all of which are designed to meet the practical needs of live event operators with projectors that are affordable, simple, safe and bright. The Crimson, Emerald and Cobalt products focus on red, green and blue laser output, and the Saber is a bolder alternative to X-Laser’s popular Caliente Aurora, producing beams that are more than three times thicker than those of any previous Aurora model.

More details from X-Laser (www.x-laser.com):

Red, green and blue have long been the foundational core colors of creative lighting. Laser lighting is no different, as laser diodes have produced red, green and blue hues for decades. As laser technology progresses, precision color mixing and advanced optics yield stunning creative light designs, yet red, green and blue remain critical to any setup. That point was X-Laser USA’s focus while developing the new Aurora Crimson, Aurora Emerald and Aurora Cobalt quad-aperture projectors.

“We know we created something special with the Aurora series in 2015, so we wanted to provide new Aurora fixtures that were still affordable, simple, safe and bright,” said Adam Raugh, president of Laurel, MD-based X-Laser USA. “We decided to go with classic red, green and blue options because those colors are consistently the most used and most versatile.”

The Aurora Crimson illuminates with 800mW of radiant red beams, while the Aurora Cobalt shines with 1200mW of bold blue. The Aurora Emerald, with 40 percent more power than the Aurora 4G, projects 280mW of gleaming green. For vibrant aerial beam shows with wide coverage or projecting bold liquid skies, the new quad-aperture Aurora models are up to the task.

Also new for 2017 is the Aurora Saber, which is a bolder alternative to the popular Caliente Aurora. The Aurora Saber boasts beams that are more than three times thicker than those of any previous Aurora model, making the Aurora Saber perfect for attention-grabbing aerial beam shows. While the Aurora Saber projects from only one aperture, it creates seven-color TTL effects to provide operators more creative lighting options.

The Aurora Crimson, Aurora Emerald, Aurora Cobalt and Aurora Saber all feature nine-channel DMX control as well as deep automatic and sound-active modes. All four of the new Aurora models also stay true to the X-Laser Aurora series’ unique horizontal-only scanning, making them brighter, safer and more affordable than other entry-level laser effects. By providing bold options in time-honored laser colors, these new fixtures are getting 2017 off to a bright start.