Prolyte Group Introduces New Box Corner For 30-Series Truss

by Nook Schoenfeld
in Product News
The new corner block from Prolyte
The new corner block from Prolyte

NETHERLANDS - Officially presented on the P+S Exhibition as recently held in Frankfurt, Prolyte has introduced a new, innovative Box Corner for its 30-series truss. This Box Corner can be used in combination with regular truss as well as the successful Verto truss. Extensive testing eventually produced a design that is not only cost efficient, since over-dimensioning was ruled out, but also tried and tested, to offer the safest solution possible.

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The loading capacity in any 2D or 3D truss structure is always influenced by the strength of the corner type used. We all know that Box Corners offer more strength than regular corners, but still, their strength does not match the strength of the straight trussing. Something you would expect, and would certainly make the lives of all engineers and riggers a lot easier.

By developing a new type of Box Corner, Prolyte does exactly that. Replacing the welds by bolts and the open structure by plated sides, the integral structure of the Box Corner gains strength in all directions. Not suffering from the loss of material strength caused by the heat affected zone. The new Box Corner, the BOX-30-HD, is a fully plated and bolted element and is therefore much stronger than the regular Box Corner. This allows you to build any 2D or 3D structures without losing involuntary strength due to the corner types used.

Due to its clever design, where the plated sides interlock with each other, the exact 90-degree shape is guaranteed. In combination with the narrow tolerances, this Box Corner is suitable to use in combination with the Verto truss as well. Furthermore, the plates can easily be changed in case of damages, offering an efficient and cost effective solution.

All standard available accessories for the regular Box Corner can be used for the HD Box Corner as well, like the male and female half couplers and bolts.