Whirlwind PL2 PowerLink Stringers Now Available

by Nook Schoenfeld
in Product News
Whirlwind PL2 PowerLink Stringers
Whirlwind PL2 PowerLink Stringers

Whirlwind’s PL2 series PowerLink Stringers are now available. These units are designed to distribute AC power to multiple locations around the stage, with the additional benefit of utilizing multiple circuits.

More details from Whirlwind (www.whirlwindusa.com ):

Get power where you need it, fast, efficiently, and UL™ safe. Each PL2 module converts a multi-phase input into independent branch circuits, and also provides a multi-phase output connector so multiple boxes can be linked together.

 The PL2 stringers are encased in powder-coated, cold-rolled steel to stand up to abuse on the road or in your theater. The optional PL2-FB fly bracket allows the PL2 to be mounted to truss for multi-circuit power distribution to loudspeakers and lighting fixtures. The PL2 PowerLink line of stringers are available in a wide variety of stock products with the number and choice of connectors, including powerCON, duplex Edison; and with and without breakers. The PL2 stringers are also available in a variety of custom configurations. Like all Whirlwind PowerLink products, all of the PL2 modules are UL-listed devices.