Chainmaster Expands The CM-820 Controller Series With A 12-Ch Controller

by Nook Schoenfeld
in Product News
CM-820 Controller
CM-820 Controller

GERMANY - Due to high demand, ChainMaster B├╝hnentechnik GmbH is extending the proven CM-820 control series with a 12-channel controller for direct-controlled chain hoists compliant with BGV-D8 / DGUV V54 and D8plus. The linkable control unit for 12 chain hoists consists of a compact and robust 19" steel housing with 6U. On the front side are clear directional pre-selectors with LED directional pre-selection display, on the rear are 3 multicore outputs for four drives of up to 1kW motor power and 2 grounding sockets for external loads.

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In addition to integrated phase and rotary field control, further product features include a main contactor for the GO signal and a monitored emergency stop contactor. LEDs on the front panel indicate all operating states. The accessories required for link operation are included.

"With the CM-820 control series, even growing companies can realize projects with higher demands and more drives. These controllers can be used on their own for smaller projects, in collaboration with partner companies, or can be rented as additional controllers