ArKaos MediaMaster Pro 5 with MediaHub

by Nook Schoenfeld
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ArKaos Pro MediaMaster
ArKaos Pro MediaMaster

ArKaos' MediaMaster Pro 5 features include 36 Layers, MediaHub for network sharing, LEDMapper 3 with unicast, Lyric Player, Art-Net, Kling-Net, DMX, MIDI and time code. Combining maximum functionality with simplicity of operation, the new ArKaos MediaMaster Pro 5.0 is designed to be both user-friendly and powerful.

More details from AC Lighting ( ):

A.C. Lighting Inc., distributor of world-class lighting, rigging and video technologies, will be demonstrating ArKaos PROs MediaMaster PRO 5, the latest addition to the MediaMaster PRO software line at WFX 2017 (Worship Facilities Conference & Expo), which will take place from October 11-12th in Dallas, Texas (booth 307).

What’s exciting is the Lyric Player feature, which allows for subtitle creation to be displayed as lyrical text on screen. This feature easily synchronizes text and is specifically designed for singers, concerts and presentations, making it perfect for Houses of Worship that aim to provide a more immersive experience.

In addition to Lyric Player, the new MediaHub feature allows users to remotely control the content of the MediaMaster Library. It also facilitates seamless communication between multiple servers on the same network making it simple for a designer at the front of the house to upload, update and delete content on a server located in a different room. Since many displays can be fed information by one server, technicians have a myriad of options available to them.

MediaMaster PRO 5 includes a host of other features including:

•          Up to 36 layers to prepare, play and output visuals and effects

•          The ability to transform any powerful computer into a Media Server for professional lighting consoles driven by DMX, Art-Net, Time Code and MIDI

•          The quick setup of mapping projects (just a few clicks on multiple outputs)

For a video demonstration of MMP5 Lyric player visit:

For a full list of MMP5 features visit: