Gerriets Introduces VARIO 2.6 - The Dance Floor That Lasts

by Nook Schoenfeld
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New flooring available from Gerriets
New flooring available from Gerriets

EWING, NJ - VARIO 2.6 is a dimensionally stable, 2.6 mm thick, heavy duty dance vinyl perfect for all styles of dance. It is designed for long term installations in high wear environments making it a perfect choice for dance studios and heavily trafficked stages. In semi-permanent and permanent installations, it is recommended to be used over a floating floor such as our ERGODANCE sprung floors or for placement over VARIO Elastic to give extra cushion to each step. Vario 2.6 is one-sided, comes in three different colors and is available in full rolls only.

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The VARIO 2.6's secret to its success is its single layer of pure 2.6 mm thick PVC. Its thickness allows for even the most heavy trafficked dance floor to last for years as well as allowing it to smooth out uneven surfaces better than traditional vinyl dance floor.


VARIO ERGODANCE is a floating sprung floor system designed for dance studios, performance stages or touring acts. ERGODANCE has dynamically active two-ply elastomer pads, which provide perfect spring and cushion for all types of dance or performances, ensuring uniform and consistent shock absorption across the entire floor, reducing the possibility of injury. A vinyl dance floor is recommended to be installed on top of the sprung floor for proper grip for all types of dance. VARIO 2.6, with its thickness and durability, is a great choice for the vinyl layer required for a sprung floor system.