Robe at 'Face of the Year' TV Event

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Face of the YearBRATISLAVA, Slovak Republic - LD Martin Kubanka used Robe moving lights to illuminate Slovak Republic’s 2012 ‘Face of The Year’ contest and gala evening, which was broadcast live on national channel STV1. His role was to not only light the set but also to make the models competing in the event look their best. He worked closely with set designer Dano Sichma for this show. Slovakian rental company Q-99 supplied the gear.

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BRATISLAVA, Slovak Republic - Lighting designer Martin Kubanka created a fabulous setting for the Slovak Republic’s 2012 ‘Face of The Year’ contest and gala evening, which was broadcast live on national channel STV1, with the aim of finding new modeling talent for the worlds of glamour and fashion.

The Czech and Slovakian girls were further enhanced by Martin’s use of Robe moving lights which made up a large element of the rig installed into the Slovenske Narodne Divadlo venue in Bratislava.

The show also featured live entertainment and music.

Kubanka’s brief from clients STV1 and the Ibismoda model and event agency were to make the lighting beautiful and the stage and the room look lavish, attractive and exciting for the occasion.

He worked closely with set designer Dano Sichma, who adapted the original set designed by Mi?o Ferencík for the National Theatre’s production of Netopier (The Bat) for this show.

The stage and scenic elements included elaborate mirrored columns running down each side and a prominent staircase at the back. There was also a bridge above the upstage entrance / exit - made up of moving LED panels - with a further set of large LED screen flown at the back of the space.

The Robe count included 10 ROBIN MMX Spots and 48 ROBIN LEDBeam 100s, 24 ROBIN 600 Beams and 20 ROBIN 300 Beams, four ColorWash 1200E ATs and 10 ColorMix  575s.

Behind the opening LED wall were pillars rigged with ROBIN 600 Beams that were used for dramatic back-lighting.

An 8 x 3 meter ‘wall’ was created with the Robin 100 LEDBeams – hung flat above the stage ceiling for some of the show and flown in for special scenes to create a full retina-burn-out effect.

Kubanka commented on the LEDBeam 100s. “Amazing! Unbelievably fast and bright with excellent beams. The light weight (4.5 kgs/9 lbs.) means you can use more units and easily build up moving blocks of light as we did here for the celling / wall which made for a jaw-dropping TV effect.”

On the MMX Spots he appreciates the Hot-Spot control and the clear, high-clarity light output.

He programmed and ran the lightshow using a grandMA2 full size console, with another running all the video content.

All lighting, LED and sound equipment for ‘Face of The Year’ was supplied by leading Slovakian rental company Q-99.