CAST Releases Vivien 2013 for Members

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Vivien 2013 bannerTORONTO  – CAST Group's Vivien 2013, the Virtual Event Designer, is available now for download for members only. Vivien 2013 is a software design tool that assists the user with planning and event design including 3D virtual room layouts and photorealistic renders.

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TORONTO  – CAST Group of Toronto announces that Vivien 2013 – Virtual Event Designer is available now for download for members only.

Vivien 2013, made by CAST  - also makers of wysiwyg lighting design software - is a comprehensive sales, catering, planning and event design tool that produces eye-popping event designs, 3D virtual room layouts, and photorealistic renders for the full spectrum of professionals in the special events and meetings industry. Vivien 2013 is fast, intuitive and easy-to-use.

Vivien 2013 uses several wizards that make all complex repetitive tasks fast and easy.  For example, the user can build an entire room and virtually fill it with tables, chairs, and special lighting effects in less than two minutes.

The user can quickly lay out pipe & drape with the ease of a few clicks.  Another wizard, the Environmental Lighting tool, means the user can design an outside event anyplace on planet at any future date and time of day/night and capture authentic light conditions -including the potential impact of rain cloud, or fog. 

The Guest Management tool will seat and organize thousands of guests with just a few clicks, including RSVP status, meal choices, notes, and other information to aid in costing, managing and producing a successful event.

Vivien 2013’s library of proprietary industry-specific objects and textures is augmented by several thousand items from event furnishings manufacturers. Vivien 2013 can also import room and event drawings from AutoCAD, SketchUp and from Google’s free 3D Warehouse. 

New features include:

-Virtual View Selection: Allows the user to grab lighting fixtures inside Vivien’s Virtual View and highlight a design using lighting looks.

-Drawing Purge: By using Vivien 2013?s powerful Purge tool, the user can clear the drawing of old imports, renders, library custom items and more characteristics to make the file smaller and easier to move around.

-Layer Merge: For dealing with an enormous file from a client or a convention center with lots of drawing layers, Vivien 2013 enables the user to merge some of those Layers together to better manage the drawing.

CAST has also made some serious improvements to Cameras, Camera Paths, Camera Targets, the Event Info Wizard, Camera Path Editor and more.