UEP Makes A Pointe with New Investments for Chilfest

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UEP’s MD Steve ButcherTRING, UK - Rental specialist Universal Event Productions (UEP) has invested in 12 of Robe’s new Pointe moving lights together with another 10 square meters of Glux-12 LED screen. The Pointes will debut on the two-day 2013 Chilfest music festival staged July 5-6 in Tring. The production design will also feature 60 square meters of Glux, which UEP first had designed and built last year.

More details from Universal Event Productions (www.u-e-p.co.uk):

This adds to its already substantial stock of Robe moving lights, bringing the total to around 100 fixtures, and to its existing stock of Glux, bringing the current total to 60 square meters.

Chilfest, one of the first UK music festivals to be promoted by an industry rental company, sees UEP celebrate its 15th birthday with two nights of entertainment for 7,000 people.

UEP has been buying Robe moving lights for the past 10 years since the brand was launched.

The new Pointe is a small spot and wash fixture with a sharp parallel beam, along with a host of features. It has become a best-seller for Robe since its launch at Prolight+Sound in Frankfurt.

Says Butcher, “As soon as I realized the brightness of The Pointe and what it could do, I knew we needed to have some. It’s small, very fast and offers a load of features that will be ideal for all our work,” which features a wide variety of high profile corporate events.

With The Pointe becoming another hit for Robe, Butcher put his order in straight away to ensure that they could receive the new units in time for Chilfest.

UEP made its first investment in Glux-12 screen last year. The product has been specially developed for UEP and is manufactured in China.

Features include a light weight of just 4.5Kgs per panel (9.5 Kg per square meter which is made up from two panels) which also greatly simplifies the rigging needed to get it deployed quickly and safely.

Everyone loves the weight and UEP’s crews can rig it holding the panels in place with one hand while fastening the clamps with the other, a process that can be done without additional help if there is a squeeze on crews.

Combining the quick assembly attributes that are essential today, plus the overall quality and user-friendliness that was so vital to UEP, Butcher’s decision to increase stock to service Chilfest was a ‘no brainer.’

“The new 12 mm pitch screen has worked constantly since we took delivery of the first batch and over 60 square meters will be used on Chilfest.”

Chilfest’s production lighting and visual design is being created by James Fickling and Ben Cash, who will use a grandMA console and a Catalyst media server system for control.

UEP is also supplying audio for the event, which will be staged at Pendley Activity Meadow in central Tring.

Chilfest was instigated by UEP’s MD Steve Butcher and it will also help raise money for a local charity.