Robe Makes a Pointe on 'Ultimative Chart Show'

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Robe on COLOGNE, Germany - European lighting and visuals designer Manfred Ollie Olma of mo2 design tried out 12 of Robe’s new Pointe moving lights for a recent episode of “Die Ultimative Chart Show.” The program is broadcast weekly on RTL and recorded at Nobeo 8 Studio in Hürth, near Cologne.

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Olma has lit the show for the last 10 years, frequently using Robe products on this and other work on television, concert touring and music shows, special events and architectural illumination.

Initially six of Robe’s new Pointe fixtures were delivered to the studio by Robe’s German distributor LMP. It was the first time that Olma had road-tested the Pointe.  He did not know what to expect was so impressed that he asked for more.

LMP met his request, enabling Olma to integrate 12 Pointes in and around “Die Ultimative Chart Show” set, designed by Jürgen Schmidt-André.

Adding the Pointes gave the show a distinctive and individual look for that week as Olma created eye-popping aerial effects and bright, piercing beam work which read well on the wide TV camera shots.

“This very small and compact lightsource is a massive step forward for lighting itself,” he said. Comparing them to the 700 Spot and Wash fixtures he was using in the studio (from another manufacturer), he confirmed that they “easily out-perform these with their 280W lamp.”

He added, “The Pointe is a top class beam effect – the light cuts through everything around (like smoke and LED screens, etc.) in a very clear and precise way.”

He also likes the smooth dimming curve when the Pointe is being used in spot or wash modes. “There is always a clear definition of the beam edge at whatever percentage the intensity,” he observes.

He appreciates the zoom ranges, which are 2.5-10 degrees for the beam and 5-20 degrees for the spot modes.

The gobos “work very well when zoomed in or out, always sharp, crisp and clean,” he said. “Overall the light is an extremely versatile tool either as a spot with great projection capabilities or as a wash unit with stunning effects.”