2007 Special Olympic World Summer Games Opens Ceremony with PR Lighting

in International News

SHANGHAI — Chinese President Hu Jintao declared the beginning of the 2007 Special Olympic World Summer Games at the recent opening ceremony.

The three-hour-long opening ceremony was visually striking with lighting, fireworks, costumes and music. The extravagant ceremony featured 5,800 performers — singers, actors and musicians from around the world made their appearance at the 80,000-capacity Shanghai Stadium.

The lighting system from PR Lighting was complex and included 191 pcs Century Colour 2500Ls, more than 600 pcs LED Washes, 2500W discharge lamps and CYM colour-mixing system. Century Colour 2500Ls were used to wash the roof of the stadium with varied colors.

The stadium roof changed color. At the stadium’s center, there are three walkways that intersect. More than 600 pcs PR LED Wash were installed on two sides of the walkways, which changed colors throughout the event.


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