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LDI 2012 show floorEach year, the industry gathers to see the latest and greatest at LDI.  This year, it was in PLSN’s home base, Las Vegas. At the time of this writing, I am still recovering from a jam-packed weekend of events, training, parties and, oh yeah, LDI!

The mood for the 8,000 people making their way to the Las Vegas Convention Center seemed to be upbeat, and if we’re still not back to the good olde days (say, 2005), throwing caution (and dollars) to the wind, it seemed a lot different than 2009.

The whole industry was in town, ready to party in the country’s adult playground, and also ready to buy. Everyone I talked to was talking about big events and shows coming up and all the new gear they would be needing to support those shows.  And as always with our business, they need it all yesterday.

The highlight of the show, as with past years, was LEDs. They are getting brighter, lighter and more affordable. The LED profile market has exploded in just 365 days. Last year, there were a handful. This year, I need all my fingers and all my toes to count the available fixtures.

LEDs are here to stay, and in a big way. Traditional dimming systems are taking a back seat when powering the fixtures. I found it interesting that DMX-controlled relay modules are making a surge again. It makes sense, though. Since a dimmer is not the best source of powering an LED fixture, relays are the clear choice.

LDI 2012 show floorOverall, LDI was a huge success, with the U.S. debut of a number of products shown previously this year in Europe, but also a whole raft of prototypes previewed that will be finalized for Prolight + Sound in Frankfurt in April. For even more coverage of LDI 2012, click on over to ProLightingSpace.com. You’ll find more photos from around the show floor along with other events that took place beyond the LVCC in late October as well as video recaps of new gear at the show.

A.C. Lighting Inc. featured products from Chroma-Q, Jands, ArKaos and LedGo. They include the Chroma-Q Studio Force Phosphor line, for use in TV, film and broadcast studio production; the Chroma-Q Inspire LED house light; Jands’ Stage CL entry-level console, designed with LEDs in mind; ArKaos’ MediaMaster Pro 3.0 and Stage Server, which ships with MediaMaster Express; LedGo LED 6mm, 10mm and 15mm video panels. The biggest news from A.C. Lighting at the show, however, was the announcement that it has been named North American distributor for Prolyte Group. www.aclighting.com

A.C.T Lighting featured products from Chromlech, Clay Paky, GDS, MA Lighting, MDG, Wireless Solutions and its own line of DistroTech power distros and motor controllers. www.actlighting.com

American DJ launched the Mega QA Par38 LED Par fixture, the Jelly Par Profile, FREQ 5 & FREQ 16 Strobes, the X-Move LED 25R and Inno Color Beam 12 for bright LED beam effects, the WiFly Par QA5 25W LED uplight, the WiFly Bar QA5 and a battery-powered effects fixture, the Quad Phase Go RGBW LED Moonflower. www.americandj.com

Analog Way featured its new Pulse-PLS300 multi-layer, high-resolution mixer/seamless switcher with dual scalers for large screen projections. Offering 10 inputs and power in a single rack unit, live effects include keying and PiP animation. www.analogway.com

Apollo Design featured its new PrintScenic printed plastic and glass gobos, Spotlight LED fixtures and recently-acquired Tuff-Stuff C-Clamps in its booth. www.apollodesign.net

Applied Electronics' latest products include new cable testing boxes that can check 7-pin motor cables, 3- or 5-pin DMX cables and cables with powerCON or Edison connectors. www.appliednn.com

ArKaos, featured at A.C. Lighting's booth, displayed MediaMaster Pro 3.0 and Stage Server, which ships with MediaMaster Express, and also introduced its Video Mapper extension for MediaMaster Pro for mapping video onto irregularly shaped surfaces and through multiple outputs. www.arkaos.net

Barbizon - Along with products ranging from tools to fixtures now available at their locations across the country, Barbizon focused on sustainable practices with their New Light Initiative. www.barbizon.com

Bulbtronics displayed hex-shaped FlexAray LED PAR-style fixtures, which join together to serve as larger, brighter multi-light source fixtures. Booth visitors were also shown how to attach the front barrel assembly of an ETC Source Four to the fixtures. www.bulbtronics.com

CAST crafted a new demo with Moodbox from Switzerland for its BlackTrax V1 Ethernet-based control solution that tracks objects and people through 3D space. www.cast-soft.com

LDI 2012 show floorChauvet Professional previewed its Ovation F-165WW and E-190WW LED fixtures styled after Fresnel and ellipsoidal fixtures for theatrical applications and the Ovation C-1280FC cyc light. Chauvet also featured its Legend 230SR Beam, its Nexus 4x4 wash light with 16 20W RGB COB LEDs, its Xeno 2500 strobe light, and MVP Ta8 Curve modular video panels. www.chauvetlighting.com

Checkers Industrial Products showed off their latest cable protection gear, focusing on the differences between the company’s Guard Dog and Yellow Jacket series of products. www.checkersindustrial.com

Christie displayed its YK50, YK100 and YK200 units from the Nitro Solutions family of moving yokes. They support LX700, Roadster HD20K-J and WX10K-M projectors. Christie MicroTiles were also on display. To manage the video content at the show, the Christie crew used Spyder X20 video processors with partner coolux’s Pandoras Box media servers.  www.christiedigital.com

City Theatrical launched its SHoW DMX Vero outdoor wireless DMX products for architectural lighting. Also new at the show was Moving Light Assistant, a new software program by designer and moving light programmer Andrew Voller. www.citytheatrical.com

Clay Paky products new to LDI this year included the Sharpy Wash 330 and the company’s first venture into LED territory, its A.LEDA RGBW-LED wash fixtures. www.claypaky.it

Clear-Com demoed its HelixNet partyline intercom system, CC-300 and CC-400 headsets and Tempest2400 Seamless Roaming and MasterBelt intercom solutions. Clear-Com’s Vinnie Macri was also featured at the LDI 2012 training session, “Advances In Intercom Communications” on Oct. 20. www.clearcom.com

Coemar featured their expanded range of products with a focus on their Reflection LEDko LED profile luminaires and their homogenous light beam. Recent additions include the LEDko P (in either 3200K and 5600K white), the LEDko VariWhite (which adjusts from 3000K to 7000K) and the color-mixing, 3200K-to-9000K LEDko Full Spectrum. www.coemar.com

Columbus McKinnon introduced their latest chain hoist, a 2-ton motor with 10mm chain that can run 16 feet per minute.  Also on display: a variable speed, Motion Labs controlled motor with speeds up to 100 feet per minute. www.cmworks.com

coolux presented Pandoras Box Version 5.3, which supports interactive 3D layer picking (both mouse and touch data are available from any display client) and Widget Designer 4.0, with a built-in, HTML browser-friendly web server. Booth demos included interactions between projection mapping and Microsoft Kinect via a new tool, Kinect Skeleton Tracker. www.coolux.de

Creative Stage Lighting featured Avolites Sapphire Touch along with Avolites Titan Mobile, Tiger Touch, and Pearl Expert lighting control solutions. Also featured at this year’s 50-by-20-foot booth were Avolites Media’s Sapphire Media Infinity System, Sapphire Media console and other media server technology advances. In addition, CSL featured Kinesys motion control products, JB-lighting’s A12 RGBW and Tunable-White LED “BeamWash” units, and VMB line-array and telescopic lifts. Other CSL partners included Robe and Wireless Solution. www.creativestagelighting.com

d3 Technologies featured their new R10 media server plus a scaled-down version of the large-format projection that appeared on Buckingham Palace during the Queen of England’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations earlier this year. www.d3technologies.com

Daktronics featured a 15-by-27-foot curved video wall that incorporated the company’s 4mm panels, ProPixel Stick elements and 6mm displays and ribbons. www.daktronics.com

Dataton and Show Sage demoed Watchout multi-image display and presentation software. They also sponsored the Projection Master Classes that took place Oct. 17-18, 2012. www.dataton.com

DeSisti featured its LED line of fixtures, LeaderLight, including the Highbay downlight fixture, which can be used as a house light. Also on display: the LL SPORT, an LED fixture for arena lighting. www.desisti.it

Doug Fleenor Design displayed the new Node 4 Ethernet-to-DMX convertor along with a single port version of Node 1 with a built-in web server.  www.dfd.com

Doughty Engineering featured its new Baby Quick Trigger clamp, which is designed for smaller studios and venue set-ups.  www.doughty-usa.com

Eilon Engineering featured Ron StageMaster motor hoist and control enhancement, including their load cell monitoring system for measuring and monitoring working loads. www.eilon-engineering.com

LDI 2012 show floorElation showed its Rayzor Q7 and Q12 series LED beam/wash moving heads and its Volt battery-powered, IP65Quad Color uplights and previewed its Platinum Beam 5R Extreme and Platinum Spot 35 Pro 800W spot with CMY color mixing. Also on view: the Satura RGBW Spot Series, Level Q7 Quad-Color flat pars, DLED Fresnel 250 and Pixel Pulse Bar Tri-Color LED bars. Video news included the Zeus Media Server powered by ArKaos, the ECV40 pixel mesh indoor screen and EPV15RF IP65 Roll-Flex screen. Other products of note: Acclaim Lighting’s Dyna Series LED Flood, Cove and Graze fixtures and ALQ Series IP65 Quad-Color RGBW bars, and ART SSC and ART IO controllers. Elation won an award from LDI for 2012 in the Best Creative Use Of Lighting category. www.elationlighting.com

Elektralite showed the eye Ball, a PAR-style LED wash light featuring 10W quad LEDs in 10, 25, and 45-degree beam spreads. Their newest moving head is the eye Kandy, a 200W white LED running off 150W of power. It features seven interchangeable gobos and 16 3W tri-color LEDs around the front lens. www.elektraled.com

Enttec debuted their latest DMX player, the DMX USD Pro Mk2. It supports two full universes of DMX512 and can be used as an output to control lights, or as input. www.enttec.com

LSC Lighting Systems is providing the first U.S.-based showing of the company’s Clarity LX600 lighting and media control console. Also featured: Clarity software and VX-Wings, the MDR DMX512 Splitter range with optional RDM and the Nexus product line with bi-directional Ethernet/DMX512 conversion. www.lsclighting.com

ETC gave its booth a theatrical look this year, creating “layers of light” with its ETC Source Four Dimmer, Source Four LED spotlight and other products. ETC also featured the stand-alone ES750 version of its Source Four dimmer; it can be mounted to any brand of tungsten fixture. Also featured: ETC Rigging’s Prodigy EXO hoist. www.etcconnect.com

Flex Rental Solutions’ Flex 4.5.6 has an enhanced labor quoting process that includes a “Call Time” feature for adding a specific call time per labor role. “Time Slicing” then creates different pricing tiers based on labor rules. Unlimited pricing models allow tiers for multiple union rules including after hours, holiday, etc. www.flexrentalsolutions.com

Georgia Case displayed a sampling of all their various custom and stock road case, molded cases and protection equipment. www.georgiacase.com

Global Truss America and Dura Truss displayed samples of their entire line of truss, from 12” square to 40mm square and triangle and ladder style truss. Each size and type is available in standard lengths, turns and corners; with features including spigot and pin style connections. www.globaltruss.com

GLP showcased its Impression X4 (an RGBW quad LED fixture with a 7-to-50-degree zoom), the Volkslicht LED spot (a replacement for a 250W discharge spot fixture); the Ergon 10 video panel (10mm, IP54 rating, 140 degree viewing angle), the G-Lec video processor, and IP65-rated RGB par cans (36 x 3W RGB LEDs, 15 degree beam) and IP65-rated Scenex battens with white LEDs (3000 and 6000K, 20 and 39 inches in length). www.germanlightproducts.com

High End Systems announced its Hog4 family (Hog4 console, Full Boar 4, Road Hog4, Nano Hog4 and Hog4PC), all running on a new Hog4 operating system (Hog4 OS).  A Playback wing and a Master wing complete the lineup. www.highend.com

J. R. Clancy has partnered with Niscon, Inc., creators of the Raynok Motion Control System, to develop the SceneControl 5000 Stage Automation Control System, which promises to serve as a common control platform across the multitude of stage machinery found in many venues. Three new operating consoles are available: the SceneControl 5300, SC5500 and SC5600. Demos included SC5500 and Clancy’s SureStop head block.  www.jrclancy.com

James Thomas Engineering rolled out their space-saving Low-Pro Truss and unfolded their X Truss folding truss. www.jthomaseng.com

LED Engin, Inc., a provider of high lumen density LED products, featured their tunable white, violet and multi-color LED emitters. Designed for high luminous flux density levels, they promise to deliver a significant visual punch, despite their compact size. www.ledengin.com

Le Maitre launched the high-capacity HazeMaster. It can quietly convert up to 500cc of fluid per hour using just 800W. Also new: Le Maitre’s compact, DMX-controllable Salamander canister flame effect with propane looks in natural, red or green. www.lemaitreusa.com

Lee Filters handed out their popular swatch book, which features their entire line of gel filters.  Also shown was their new line of filters designed for use with white light LED profiles so that the resulting hues match those from common Lee filters used with tungsten profiles. www.leefilters.com

Leprecon showed off their latest lighting control surface, the LPC-24s Lil’Wing.  It is designed as a more portable version of the LPC-48V and LPC-96V without compromising on features and functions. Also shown: the new Watson Relay switch, a 15amp relay module that is available in single, 6-outlet or raceway design and controlled via DMX. www.leprecon.com

Lex Products displayed the new Lex Lighting Control Solution line of dimmers and relays. Designed for small installations to touring systems, each slot of the cabinet can be populated with a dual 10A dimmer, single pole relays, a double pole relay, or a space-filling “chimney” module. The company also featured its recently-introduced PowerHouse Bento Box Break Out Boxes. www.lexproducts.com

Lightronics featured their latest in LED products, including their new LED Ellipsoidal and Fresnel that uses Cree LEDs and runs on 200W of power. Also shown was their new 390 RGBAW wash LED fixture that features enhanced dimming and 36 6W LEDs. www.lightronics.com

Litepanels' newest and largest LED Fresnel, the Sola 12, pumps nearly 2K of luminous output through its 12-inch Fresnel lens while using a fraction of the power needed by traditional Fresnels. The daylight-balanced Sola 12 and tungsten-balanced Inca 12 model round out Litepanels’ existing line of 6, 4 and 3-inch LED Fresnels. They should become available in early 2013. www.litepanels.com

Luminex Network Intelligence’s new range of Gigabit Ethernet switches includes three new models — GigaCore 12, GigaCore 14R and GigaCore 16Xt. All are   managed through a web interface. www.luminex.be

Martin Professional celebrated 25 years with new products including the MAC Viper Profile (more than 26000 lumens from a 1000W HID source), MAC III AirFX (a 1500W fixture combining hard-edge, mid-air effects with wash), the MAC III Wash (a 1500W wash fixture with new internal barn door system), the VC Series (video products including indoor/outdoor VC-Dots and VC-Grid 25), P3 PowerPort 1500 (an integrated power and data processor for Martin LED video products, including the VC-Dots and VC-Grids), M2GO compact lighting controller, M2PC control surface for Martin’s M-PC controller software, the M-PC Free Edition version of Martin’s M-Series software, available over Art-Net and Martin’s own USB-DMX devices), along with the Jem Compact Hazer Pro haze machine. www.martin.com

LDI 2012 show floorMega Systems introduced their new UniColor LED PAR style wash light.  It is a custom-manufactured unit with options including lens type, lens degree, housing color and a choice of wireless DMX. www.megasystemsinc.com

MDG featured theFAN, theONE and other recently-introduced technologies. www.mdgfog.com

Morpheus Lights introduced its new Ayrton LED Luminaires, including the new DreamSpot 500, MagicPanel 600, and WildBeam 302, which join the Wildsun 500 series and the IP-65 rated Icecolor series of fixtures. www.morpheuslights.com

Nemetschek Vectorworks demoed Vectorworks 2013’s features including an improved walkthrough tool, 2D/3D navigation visualization and surface array in the Spotlight version of the software.  www.vectorworks.net

OmniSistem featured the Beam 5R and the Spot 5R, both with Philips’ Platinum 5R lamp. They also launched the OS-2036, a 3W 36 LED mini moving yoke, and previewed a 50W LED Profile available in white and black housing. Also featured: the FLEX 15 LED Screen, a 15mm curved screen. OmniSistem also previewed the Beam 15R, with Philips’ Platinum 15R lamp, in a separate both with the company’s audio products. www.omnisistem.com

Osram showed off their Kreios FL, a 60W LED work light produces over 3000 lumens of white light. It’s also IP65 rated, so it can be used indoors or out. www.osram.com

Performance Rigging Group featured a customized-looking truss design with standard-sized truss components. Also on display: their load cell monitoring system designed to minimize the need for higher trim heights. www.performancerigging-systems.com

Philips Vari-Lite made the North American debut of its new 1500W luminaires, the VL3015LT Spot, VL3015 Spot and VL3515 Spot, noting in particular the 42,000 lumens of output from the VL3015LT's 1500W bulb.  Philips Strand Lighting introduced the Selecon PLProfile4 LED luminaire, which builds on technologies developed for its PL1, PL3 and PLCyc fixtures, and previewed the variable beam PLFresnel1 and PLProfile1 LED luminaires. Strand Lighting also introduced Vision.Net 4 and previewed its ML250 control console. Philips also introduced Showline, a range of efficient, feature-packed LED luminaires, starting with the SL BAR 640, SL BAR 660, SL BAR 520 and SL PAR 150. www.vari-lite.com and www.strandlighting.com

PixelFlex featured their line of “soft” LED video screens made from 8’ x 4’ panels, available in 100mm, 50mm, 30mm, 20mm and 18mm versions. www.ledcurtain.com

PRG displayed the V276, an ultra-portable control surface designed to plug into the USB port of a Mac running x76 software. PRG also announce plans to sell their V276, V476 and V676 lighting consoles along with their MBox Media server. PRG also announced the launch of a division devoted to used lighting. www.prg.com

Prism Projection has expanded its RevEAL line of LED products with three new luminaires, the Profile Junior, Studio.3 Fresnel and Studio.UV. www.prismprojection.com

RED Lighting featured its Pixel Par and Pixel Square LED fixtures with COB (Chip on Board) technology, where the sources are mounted on a flat circuit board at an imperceptible distance from each other for a homogenized effect. Output is up to 100W per chip. The Pixel Par LED works with just a single three-in-one RGB tri-COB 100W LED. The Pixel Square has 16 30W RGB tri-COB LEDs. www.red-lighting.com

Reel Video Systems showed some custom configurations using the video blade component of their roll up screen system, including video walls and video floors that meld seamlessly. www.reelvideosystems.com

Robe highlighted several LED products new to the American market, including the Robe Robin DLF Wash, DLX Spot, DLS Profile and MMX WashBeam. Also featured: Robe’s compact and bright LEDBeam 100 and Actor series of theatrical fixtures. The booth design by Nathan Wan from Robe UK featured a contemporary reception and lounge/chill area lit by Anolis architectural LED products including the new ArcDot. The booth also featured LightLab, an area offering product demos. www.robe.cz

Robert Juliat launched its TIBO and ZEP LED profile fixtures to the U.S. market. www.robertjuliat.com

Rosco Laboratories demoed an online web application, MyColor.  It features a searchable index of all the gel filters Rosco has to offer.  Users can create and organize color selection for shows and save them for their paperwork. www.rosco.com

Rose Brand introduced a new Kabuki backdrop drop system. It is available in 5-foot sections and is configurable up to 60 feet. It can be remotely triggered by DMX, remote pickle or manually. www.rosebrand.com

SeaChanger introduced a new fixture at LDI, an LED profile.  The company has incorporated the Force V LED engine to fit onto their CMY + CTO mixing unit that then attaches to the front half of an ETC Source Four. The Force V features a single LED chip rated for over 50,000 lamp hours and produces over 42,000 lumens of light at 165 watts. www.seachangeronline.com

SGM beckoned visitors by bathing its booth with its X-5 fixtures, then blinded them with their XC-5 LED strobes. The booth, imported from PLASA, also featured LED “icicles” made from hanging LT-100/200 fixtures. www.sgmlight.com

Show Solutions displayed their Par Bar 6, which provides power and DMX at 15” intervals along the 90-inch length of a 2-inch aluminum bar. www.showsolutions.com

Smithson Martin featured the Kontrol Surface KS-1974, which ran the company’s Emulator software with custom overlays designed to control grandMA 2 OnPC Software along with other DJ and VJ lighting controls. www.smithsonmartin.com

SSRC launched a new dimming/control product, the SwitchBrick Duo.  It is a DMX-controllable relay switch for remotely powering non-dimming devices or constant power devices like LEDs. www.ssrconline.com

LDI 2012 show floorStaging Dimensions featured new and updated stair units along with the company’s custom design and fabrication capabilities for stage decks and ramps. The company also featured its Quick Clamp, designed to attach to square, rectangular and round columns ranging from from 3.5 to 16 inches in size. www.stagingdimensionsinc.com

Steinigke Showtechnic, presented by Inner Circle Distribution, made its LDI debut with a focus on COB  technology. www.steinigke.de

Strong Entertainment Lighting featured close to 80 of DTS’ new Nick 1201 NRG fixtures, an LED wash moving head with 30 high-powered LEDs. www.strong-lighting.com

Swisson featured the new XMT-350, a compact device that can control  a full universe of DMX and function as an RDM controller.  The device can also check 3- or 5-pin DMX cables and report on DMX signal and playback presets. www.swisson.com

TAF USA showed off a new line of truss podiums designed for houses of worship and lecture halls. www.trussaluminium.com

Techni-Lux demonstrated new products from RED Lighting including the 4x4 Chip-On-Board RGB Pixel Square and the Pixel Bar 4 & 8 with the same COB LEDs as the Pixel Square.  Also shown: Darklight Precision DMX micro RGB floodlight and Profile units. These compact color-changing fixtures, which can run off DMX and battery power, can fit within the palm of your hand. www.techni-lux.net

The Light Source featured their LED Work Light, which is now available in a pendant enclosure and recessed for house lights. www.thelightsource.com

Thern Stage Equipment featured their rigging, winches and stage hoist products, including their front-loading Brickhouse arbor system with a shelf for loading convenience. www.thernstage.com

Times Square Lighting featured its Series 716 35-75W MR16 Sunset Strip, its EL100CMY 100W color mixing LED fixture, its W420 100-500W T3 wall wash, its Series 720 300-1500W Broadway Cyc, its Q4Z 4½" zoom ellipsoidal, its Theatrical LEDs (a wide range of indoor and outdoor color-mixing LEDs), its DM1200 1200W single-channel DMX dimmer, its DMX Track 3-circuit DMX-style track accommodating fixtures up to 600W each and a variety of connector strips. www.timessquarelighting.com

TMB featured Hippotizer version 3.2 from Green Hippo, RegionMapper, MA Net2 implementation and WatchFolders along with their ProPlex series of data, video and system management products. New in the series was the ProPlex Opto-Splitter 2x8 RDM RackMount; Opto-Splitter Mini RDM Wireless with LumenRadio; and the Mini DMX-only. www.tmb.com

Tomcat USA introduced their guy cable tension gauge for outdoor structures and their 12-by-12-inch R&R (Rotate and Remove) truss products. www.tomcatglobal.com

 Total Structures marked 21 years with special recognition for its “Top 21” customers. The company also held a Roof Workshop training event prior to the show. www.totalstructures.com

TV One had on display their CORIOmaster, a video processing unit for videowall applications.  CORIOmaster features the new CORIO3 processing software, designed with image wrap and rotation and also modularity flexibility. www.tvone.com

Tyler Truss

Tyler Truss featured its GT truss and previewed its forthcoming PAR bar — a bar that supports multiple PAR fixtures with integrated power and data.  www.tylertruss.com

 Ushio featured their new USR-1200/2 lamp with a 7200K color temperature and more than 100,000 lumens of output. Ushio also launched their Pro-Panel LED Soft Light.  It is available in a 1x2 or a 2x2 design and features 2700K to 6500K color mixing and  a CRI of over 90. www.ushio.com

Vaddio featured its AV Bridge, which gives users a way to integrate soft codecs (e.g., Skype, Cisco Jabber, Microsoft Lync, etc.) into their traditional AV designs. AV Bridge works as a digital USB gateway linking pro AV gear and PC software on operating systems that support USB 2.0 devices. As such, it helps users capture, record and stream legacy analog solutions. www.vaddio.com

White Light (www.WhiteLight.Ltd.uk) featured products from CORE Lighting (www.corelighting.co.uk), i-Pix (www.i-pix.uk.com) and Galaxia (www.winvision.co.kr).

Wireless Solution featured its W-DMX G4S software and the BlackBox MK2. www.wirelessdmx.com

XLNT featured recent additions to its CyberMotion range, including the CyberHoist II and C-Trolley. www.cyber-motion.com and www.xlnt-at.com

Xtreme Structures featured its standard truss and rigging products at its own booth, and partnered with Parasol Systems and Chauvet, providing the 60-foot span of truss supporting the track and moving carts taking Chauvet’s Legend 230SR Beam fixtures on a joyride. www.xsftruss.com

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