Showline LED Linear Luminaire Lights Latin Grammys

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2012 Latin GrammysLAS VEGAS – Philips’ new Showline LED linear luminaire added a new lighting element to the stage of the Latin Grammy Awards Nov. 15 in Las Vegas. LD Carlos Colina used eight of the Showline SL Bar 640 luminaires, supplied by Atomic Lighting. Programmer Felix Peralta and Colina said they stood out among all the other fixtures, and read well on Univision, too.

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LAS VEGAS – The biggest names in the Latin Music industry gathered Nov. 15 for the 13th Annual Latin Grammy Awards at the Mandalay Bay Events Center in Las Vegas. The live Univision broadcast was seen in more than 10 million homes worldwide. 

LD Carlos Colina was tasked with creating a dynamic design to showcase the many artists who would be taking the stage, but he also took the opportunity to show the world something new: the Showline SL Bar 640 luminaire, supplied by Atomic Lighting.

“This is my fifth year as the designer for the Latin Grammy Awards and each year I am always trying to find something new to put into the design,” says Colina.  “This year there were 21 musical performances so I spoke with Atomic Lighting and asked what the latest and most interesting lighting tools available might be and they said Showline.”   

He explained “Knowing their professionalism and how much they know about the lighting industry, I really feel confident in Atomic Lighting as a dealer.  They stay on top of all the newest fixtures and technologies.  When they told me about the Showline family of LED luminaires, I knew it would look great to have vertical towers of the linear luminaires.”

Working with Philips Entertainment Regional Sales Manager Alan Kibbe, Atomic Lighting soon sent eight SL BAR 640 luminaires to Las Vegas.

Colina explains, “As we were only going to use them on one performance, the fixtures would have to roll in and out and the stage clearance was only 12 feet high.  We decided to mount them on 10-ft rolling truss with two each in a vertical array making four LED towers.  After we set them up, our programmer Felix Peralta started to play with them to see what the programming parameters were and how they performed.  What I really wanted to see out of them was the power, the colors, and all the effects and chases they could do, but the first thing I had to do was match them with the right song in the show.”

“The Showline SL BAR 640 luminaires gave us a unique look for the 3BallMTY performance,” says Peralta.  “As a programmer it’s always fun to play with the latest lighting tools and the Showline fixtures worked great.  They looked fantastic on camera and when they were running in an effect or chase, I was able to really press on the gas and let them run.  They were fast and bright.”

The Philips SL BAR 640 is a 4-ft RGBW linear wash luminaire that delivers 13,000 lumens of  output.  Used as a wash or as a direct-view linear bar, the fixture features the Harmonize Color Calibration System, and with paired module control of the pixels and simple batten connections, the SL BAR 640 provides maximum color creativity and design flexibility. The SL BAR 640 also features a 60-degree beam angle, built-in effects and chases, an auto-orienting LCD menu, multiple dimming curves and color modes, full RDM implementation, a unique strobe control paradigm, plus industry standard Powercon in/out and 5-pin DMX connectors.

Colina added, “I was really impressed with their colors, which were absolutely amazing and how they read true on camera.  But it was the speed of the chases and the different variations of chases and strobing that was most impressive.   It wasn’t just a simple up and down chase, but it was one pixel at a time at a various speeds. The different possibilities were amazing.”

In addition to the Showline SL BAR 640 LED Luminaires, Colina also used other Philips lighting products on the live broadcast, including 54 VL3500 Spot, 28 VL2500 Spot, and 46 VL500D Wash luminaires.

In a lighting design with 498 lighting fixtures, Colina says the SL BAR 640 luminaires had no problem standing out.

“They were easily the highlight of the performance.  They popped in front of all the other LEDs, beams and projections.  The producer and I were ecstatic with the lights.  When he saw them he was blown away.  They were easily a main attraction and the SL BAR 640 luminaires really blew me away.”