IATSE Local 500, Kravis Center Announce Agreement

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WEST PALM BEACH, FL — IATSE Local 500, and the Kravis Center have reached an agreement ending a 12-year labor dispute between the parties. The agreement provides for a new five-year labor contract, the withdrawal of all pending unfair labor practice charges, and a resolution of the back pay elements of the case.

More details from IATSE Local 500 (www.iatselocal500.org) and The Kravis Center (www.kravis.org):

This agreement effectively ends the current strike and allows for the immediate return to work of the IATSE stagehands at the Kravis Center.

“The Union looks forward to building a positive relationship that contributes to the success of the Kravis Center and gainful employment for the people we represent,” said IATSE Local 500 business representative Terry McKenzie.

Jim Mitchell, chief operations officer for The Kravis Center noted, “The Kravis Center is glad to resolve this dispute in a way that was acceptable to both sides. We are anxious for our theater operations to return to business as usual.”

The agreement comes just in time to get the employees back to work and provide the patrons a quality theater experience for the holidays.