Indiana State Fair Roof Collapse Victims Receive $6M More from State

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INDIANAPOLIS — The state of Indiana distributed an additional $6 million in payments to victims affected by the collapse of the roof structure in high winds at the Indiana State Fair on Aug. 13, 2011. The additional funds brings the total paid by the state in the aftermath of the collapse to $11 million. Indianapolis’ General Assembly approved the additional funding, which goes beyond  the state’s $5 million limit in tort claims cases.

Indiana state attorney general Greg Zoeller announced the disbursement of the additional funds in a late December press conference. The state has previously compensated victims who had injuries requiring permanent care. The new funds were distributed to those who received non-permanent injuries in the collapse.

Indiana’s state legislature also approved an additional $700,000 payment to survivors of the seven people killed in the collapse. Prior to the additional funding, each estate for the seven people killed had been given $400,000.

Most of the surviving family members and the 60 people injured in the collapse have agreed to accept payments from the state in lieu of suing the state for more damages.

Their acceptance of the payments does not preclude them from suing others, however, and numerous lawsuits related to the collapse that seek damages from the stage manufacturer and band are still pending, according to reports.