Inaugural Ceremonies Use Eps Ground Cover

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Eps America's Terraplas in placeWASHINGTON, DC - The grass on Washington, DC’s National Mall had just been refurbished. Now with a million inauguration spectators expected for outdoor ceremonies for President Barack Obama, efforts were needed to save the lawn. Eps America offered its equipment - including nearly 100 sq. f.t of ground cover - and expertise to complete the project.

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WASHINGTON, DC - After years of work and millions of dollars, the grass on Washington, DC’s National Mall had just been refurbished. Presented with the challenge of a million inauguration spectators in the middle of winter, park managers scrambled to find a solution that would preserve their restoration efforts. Eps America offered its equipment and expertise to complete this large and distinguished project.

In all, nearly 100,000 sq. ft. of ground cover including pedestrian-friendly Terraplas, quick and easy to deploy roll-up LD Panels, and heavy-equipment capable Arena Panels were brought in from Eps’ warehouses all over the country. Transportation costs were minimized because of Eps’s nationally distributed supply chain and logistical strengths. Eps’ expert supervisors managed the installation over two weeks, using lightweight equipment and labor to prevent damage to the grass.

Despite special challenges such as uneven ground and cold weather, Eps’ supervisors minimized trip hazards and built a durable surface. This was accomplished using special expansion joints that compensated for the shifting spaces between panels caused by changing temperatures and uneven field conditions.

Working on the National Mall presented a safety and security issue as well – it’s a national park and therefore open and unsecured. To keep the project safe, Eps America worked with event security to prevent unwanted foot-traffic during the construction phase. Once panels were laid and the platforms completed, Eps added special ramps to reduce trip hazards during use.

When installation finished, Eps ground cover could be seen in a variety of sites on the Mall. Terraplas covered a span of pedestrian standing space in non-ticketed areas. Arena Panels were used to construct a large tent and the production compound to the west of the Capitol building. New and exclusive to Eps America, 65-ft long LD Panels were literally “rolled out” as a quick solution for walkways, golf cart parking and delay tower platforms.

Although not initially ordered for the project, LD Panels quickly found their place when organizers realized their ground cover requirements weren't entirely met by their original plan. With little notice, the innovative and experienced Eps team brought in additional equipment when onsite changes were needed.

Portions of the presidential inauguration ceremony were produced by C3 Presents on behalf of the National Parks Foundation.