Join PLSN on Twitter during the Super Bowl Halftime Show

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PLSN & SD Live Tweet the Super Bowl Halftime Show

LAS VEGAS – Every year it happens. Industry folks talk about the production wins and losses of the Super Bowl Halftime Show. Call it Monday morning quarterbacking; we express our cheers and jeers about the show. This year, PLSN and Stage Directions turn Monday morning quarterbacking into a simultaneous, live-as-it-happens Sunday event with the live tweeting during the Halftime Show.

Join PLSN Editor Justin Lang and Stage Directions Editor Jacob Coakley on Twitter to share views about the Halftime Show as it happens.  We’ll discuss every aspect of the show, from the lights, sets, staging to the massive amounts of make-up to make Madonna look good for TV. No need for posting questions on Monday on the Light Network about who did what. You’ll already have the answers.

The live tweet begins Sunday, Feb. 5 at 8 pm EST and runs throughout the Halftime show. Joining in on the live tweet is simple. Add #LXchat to your comments and responses before and during the Halftime show and we’ll be tweeting live throughout the show.

You can follow PLSN magazine on twitter at @PLSNmagazine and Stage Directions Magazine @StageDirections.