As SoundCheck Nashville Dries Out, CenterStaging, A SoundCheck LA Company, Officially Emerges

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• Created: May 26, 2010

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NASHVILLE, TN – Even as the SoundCheck Nashville complex dealt with the cleanup after the Nashville area's 100-year flood, SoundCheck was still pushing forward with its activities beyond Tennessee, in Burbank, Calif. and Austin, Texas. The most recent expansion milestone has to do with CenterStaging Musical Productions Inc., which SoundCheck LA LLC acquired in November 2009. That operation is now known, officially, as CenterStaging – A SoundCheck LA Company.


Ben Jumper, SoundCheck president and CEO, indicated that the transformation goes beyond the change in the Burbank operation's name. "In keeping with the SoundCheck brand, CenterStaging has expanded its services to offer music instrument repair services and locker rentals."


At the same time, not everything about CenterStaging has changed. Jumper, who called CenterStaging "an icon of excellence in the music industry for over 19 years," added that it "will operate uninterrupted," and that "CenterStaging's customers can take comfort in the fact that co-founders Johnny Caswell and Jan Parent along with substantially all of the key employees and their production teams are on board."


For the record, however, here are the new owners (in bold, below) of CenterStaging – A SoundCheck LA Company, along with some background on each and links for more information.


Ben Jumper is president and CEO of SoundCheck Nashville, Inc. and SoundCheck Austin, Inc. Founded in 1993, SoundCheck Nashville is used as a rehearsal venue by many touring and recording acts. It also provides a wide range of support services for touring and studio musicians, both in Nashville and on the road. For more information, please visit


Mitch Clark, founder of TOMCAT Global Inc. Founded in 1987, TOMCAT is a manufacturer of staging, lighting and support systems for the entertainment, exhibition, worship and audiovisual industries. For more information, please visit


 Scott Scovill, president of Moo TV, Inc. and Branded Media Factory, Inc. Founded in 1993, Moo TV provides video equipment and creative content for events and tours ranging in size and variety; from major music tours, network award shows and high-end corporate meetings. Founded in 2009, Branded Media Factory specializes in creating film and video content. For more information, please visit and



In connection with the acquisition of CenterStaging, SoundCheck LA secured leases for all of the existing facilities of the CenterStaging campus, which is located across from the Burbank airport. "The expansion of the existing 11 studios and added on industry offices are almost complete. We are very excited about the future of CenterStaging," stated general manager, Lou Carnevale.


SoundCheck is also expanding in Austin, Texas with SoundCheck Austin, with an official opening slated for summer 2010. A Web site has already been set up at


For more information, please visit

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