GoVision Video Wall Loomed Large for NCAA Men’s Final Four

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• Created: April 6, 2010

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INDIANAPOLIS – For the second year in a row, an octagonal LED video wall was been suspended above the court for the NCAA Men's Final Four. Fans attending the 2010 NCAA Division 1 Men's Basketball Championships, which culminated in the final Duke/Butler matchup and a victory for Duke on April 5, had a HD view from any seat in Lucas Oil Stadium. Fans watching at home were also able to see the giant screens.

The video wall and related production elements were provided by Argyle, Texas-based GoVision. In partnership with the NCAA, GoVision configured eight 15-foot-by-28-foot Daktronics PST 12HD modular LED screens to create a high-definition octagonal video wall that was suspended from the ceiling 60 feet above the basketball court.  The eight-screen unit weighs in at 36,680 pounds.


The screens that form the video wall were pulled from the outside plazas at Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, as part of GoVision's partnership with the Dallas Cowboys, announced last September.


This year's crowd could also watch a 50-foot-long courtside ribbon board that displayed sponsor logos, stats and other HD graphics.  The 30-foot-high is comprised of Daktronics high-resolution modular PST-6i-b panels, and is similar to the configuration GoVision debuted during February's NBA All Star Game in Dallas.


"Once again, GoVision is helping us make the in-game spectator experience at the Men's Final Four truly spectacular," said LJ Wright, director of NCAA Division I Men's Basketball Championship.  "You can sit anywhere in Lucas Oil Stadium and have an awesome view of the action on the court.  The GoVision team went above and beyond, just like they did in Detroit last year, and the addition of the courtside screens is great for fans too."


"It's always exciting being a part of an event that's watched by the whole country, but we're getting pretty used to the pressure," said Chris Curtis, CEO of GoVision.  "Our team knows how to execute when the stakes are highest, which is why we have such a strong track record of repeat business from blue-chip clients like the NCAA."


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