Interesting Products LN2 Foggers Endorsed by AGMA

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• Created: March 27, 2009

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LOS ANGELES — After a year of testing on stages at the Los Angeles Opera, San Francisco Opera and  Washington National Opera, AGMA (the American Guild of Musical Artists) has issued a  Certificate of Compliance to Interesting Products allowing the use of their LN2 (liquid  nitrogen) foggers on stage by all AGMA signatory Opera and Ballet Companies. During the year of testing, the Los Angeles Opera and San Francisco Opera used the machines under  a temporary waiver, creating ground fog, incense in the air and other effects.  For their latest production of Wagner’s The Ring, the machines will augment the LA Opera’s dry fogger inventory with rental machines.  

“We are impressed with the variety of applications giving us the  possibility of again producing smoke and fog effects for our productions after years of limited  results,” said Jeff Kleeman, production manager for the  LA Opera.

Drew Landmesser, production manager for the San  Francisco Opera, noted that the dry foggers are "less expensive to operate than the  dry ice foggers that they replaced." The foggers have also won kudos from the singers and stagehands for their visual effects,  ease of operation and support of a healthy performance environment.

“After a decade of providing  manual and automated liquid nitrogen fog equipment for theme parks, Cirques, discos and  theatrical productions, it is very satisfying to see major opera companies embrace our  technologies for providing dramatic visual effects to supporting the singer’s and musician’s  performances on stage,” said Larry Schoeneman, president of Interesting Products. “The Los Angeles and San Francisco Opera Companies and  AGMA have been very supportive,” he added.

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