Le Maitre Changes Name to Ultratec Special Effects

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• Created: May 22, 2009

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LONDON, ON, Canada — Adrian Segeren, president, and Marnie Styles, vice president, announced that their company, Le Maitre Special Effects, has changed its name to Ultratec Special Effects, part of a strategy to differentiate the company in global markets. Segeren and Styles noted that the name is changing but the company is not, and added that Ultratec will retain its “commitment to listening to our customers and developing products that are current and relative to the marketplace.”

The company will no longer be distributing any Le Maitre UK manufactured products, but will continue to sell off the remaining inventory.

Its ProStage & Pyroflash products can still be accessed from the company’s Web site, now at www.ultratecfx.com     

For more information, please visit www.ultratecfx.com.

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