LED Visuals at Oscars Shaped by Hippotizer HD Units

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• Created: April 15, 2009

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HOLLYWOOD, CA — Hippotizer media servers delivered a variety of LED visual effects for the 81st Academy Awards Show.  Designer Bob Dickinson and media programmer Jason Rudolph specified the Hippotizer content delivery system.  VER supported the application, with Matt Waters as lead engineer.  The crew used three Hippotizer HD units within a networked system — one for pixel-mapping 1,036 Color Kinetics iColor Cove® LED strips embedded in the stage floor into a series of sunbursts and other patterns for overhead shots, and two to drive hundreds of one-meter Element Labs VersaTubes arranged around the set.  

“Hippotizer HD’s playback simultaneously produces enough layers to separate the multiple visual elements required for the array of VersaTubes,” said Jason Rudolph.  “The Hippotizer was right for the job and I’ve always had great support from VER, Green Hippo, and Hippotizer distributor TMB.”

Hippotizer media servers are made by U.K.-based Green Hippo Ltd. and distributed by TMB.

For more information, please visit www.tmb.com .  

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