Martin Rig Used for 3 Doors Down Tour

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• Created: April 16, 2009

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3 Doors Down tours with Martin gear

BIRMINGHAM, AL — Matt Mills, who has lit a variety tours, TV shows, corporate events and has served as LD for 3 Doors Down for the past seven years, will rely again on a Martin MAC rig for the band’s 2009 summer tour. The rig includes six Martin MAC TW1 Washes, 14 MAC 700 Profiles, 16 MAC 600 NT washlights and eight Atomic strobes.
“I have used all these fixtures on corporates as well as other tours I have done,” he said. “I have always spec’d Martin products for 3 Doors Down because this band tours a lot, and for long stretches, so I need the lights to be reliable.”

The MAC TW1, which is becoming more common in theatres across the globe, is increasingly being used on touring shows. The 1200 W fixtures feature are known for their beam effects, motorized zoom, CMY color mixing, internal and external electronic dimming and light from a tungsten halogen source.
“I was very happy the first time I used the TW1s,” Mills said. “I’m a big fan of using a tungsten fixture for a front wash and these really delivered. They have a great color range and plenty of punch.”

Although the MAC TW1s were originally spec’d with MAC 700 Washes, Mills substituted MAC 600 NTs for the 700 Washes due to lack of availability. “I have used the MAC 600 NT plenty of times and they have always been a reliable workhorse,” he said.

Christie Lites Orlando is supplying the gear for the tour. “I am happy to say that Christie Lites has always given amazing support for all my tours.”

Gear List:
6 x Martin MAC TW1 Wash™
14 x Martin MAC 700 Profile™
16 x Martin MAC 600 NT™
8 x Martin Atomic™ strobes
4 x High End Systems DL3
6 x Mainlight MFV
12 x Mainlight MF3
17 x PixelLine 1044
10 x ColorBlast LED
2 x grandMA consoles
1 x Catalyst

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