Parnelli Ballot Now Online, It’s Time to Exercise Your Right to Vote!

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• Created: November 5, 2018

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LAS VEGAS – The Parnelli Ballot for the 18th annual awards ceremony has been finalized, and voting has begun! But if you have to choose between the Parnellis and the Midterm elections Nov. 6, please exercise your civic duty first; we can wait a day! As a PLSN subscriber, you can exercise the right to vote any other day this month.

The ballot, which will be online at all month, includes the six North American finalists for the Parnelli Award for Hometown Hero Lighting Company of the Year (chosen during a separate round of voting in September). And it’s up to YOU, the PLSN reader, to decide who among the nominees will step up to the awards podium at the Anaheim Hilton in Anaheim, CA on the evening of Jan. 25, 2018.

Along with the ability to cast your vote for your favorite Hometown Hero contender, you can help decide who among the nominees in all the other awards categories gets the next Parnelli nod, including this year’s best lighting designer, lighting director, set/scenic designer, video director, tour manager and production manager. There are also awards honoring companies involved in lighting, sound, staging, set construction, video, rigging, pyro, trucking and freight forwarding, along with Indispensable Technology “IT” awards for products advancing the state of the art in lighting, video, staging and sound.

All the votes will be tallied in December, and the winners will join special honorees in the winners circle.

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